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█▓▒░★ANONYMOUS QUICK EXCHANGE★░▒▓█ ◥✿★► Z-Pay ◄★✿◤ No registration✅ No verification✅

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 5:00 pm
by Z-Pay
"You never appreciate your anonymity until you don't have it anymore." ~ Jason Priestley To maintain your anonymity, we have developed Z-Pay. Image

What is Z-Pay?
Z-Pay is a service for storage, transfer, quick and anonymous exchangewithout registration and verification.

How you can use Z-Pay?

  • Private, instant and anonymous payments

    To transfer money, just pass your recipient the number of cheque which is topped up with the necessary amount.
    The beneficiary details are not required for funds transfer. The cheque can be used "to bearer".
    When using Z-Pay, the cheque balance in converted into fiat and back instantly while the operation's privacy remains preserved.
  • Cryptocurrency mixing and exchange

    Cash crediting to and cashing-out from, using of Z-Pay cheques breaks the transaction sequence in a blockchain.
    If the price of some commodity/service is fixed in USD, and your customers wish to pay in cryptocurrency,
    usage of Z-Pay cheques makes the deal without prejudicing confedentiality of both seller and buyer.
  • Asset storage without electronic media

    You may save Z-Pay cheque numbers in a form of customary notebook records.

All the operations are executed instantly.

We currently support USD, BTC, ETH currencies and we are working hard to add new.

All operations of the service, other than currency conversion and cash-out, are free of charge.
For currency conversion, the market exchange rate is used, with the service’s fee, which is shown prior to the operation confirmation.

There are no hidden charges. The service user always sees the exact amount which he/she will have on his/her account upon completion of the operation.

We designed this service for your anonymity and, therefore, it will never ask users to provide their personal details or any other information.

-------------------- Z-Pay service is constantly improving, so stay tuned for updates. --------------------

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Re: █▓▒░★ANONYMOUS QUICK EXCHANGE★░▒▓█ ◥✿★► Z-Pay ◄★✿◤ No registration✅ No verification✅

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:39 pm
by Z-Pay
Hey, guys.

At now you can get more info about us here: ;)

Re: █▓▒░★ANONYMOUS QUICK EXCHANGE★░▒▓█ ◥✿★► Z-Pay ◄★✿◤ No registration✅ No verification✅

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 1:49 pm
by arediu
Today, users of our service can not only exchange cryptocurrencies and make micropayments, but also earn money.
With this purpose we added a referral link to your personal account, which can be found in the section 👉🏻 “referral program” 👉🏻 “your referral link”.
The rules are simple: you send a link to your family members, friends, colleagues and / or post it on your social networks and receive cash rewards in USD💲 provided certain conditions are met:
✔️After the client you have invited registers on our website and goes through the KYC procedure, you will receive a certain flat rate
✔️ If your referral makes an exchange in the Z-Pay wallet, then you will automatically receive a percentage of the commission, which varies from 10 to 50%