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Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 11:32 pm
by wilson1989
About Us
ICO launch services from industry leaders introducing ICO Weezards. We are a team drawn from various ICO project completed in recent past. We’ve guided successful ICO projects right from whitepaper development to public relations. We know the ICO mistakes to avoid and corrections needed to have a successful ICO. Our knowledge and experience plus think outside the box solutions will empower your company and ICO project.

Our services

Do you need a stellar ICO whitepaper for your blockchain project?
Engage ICO weezard copywriters to identify your project key selling points by use of our ICO whitepapers writing service. We help you communicate your business/cryptocurrency idea to your target audience by use of this service. Our team comprises of business and technical oriented ICO whitepapers who worked as freelancers for various past ICOs and now they join hands to give our clients A Star Blockchain ICO whitepaper writing service.

Press Release writing and distribution
This includes
 A concise, well-written press release
 Writing and Distribution to ABC, NBC, CBS Affiliates media outlets.
 Customized Full PDF Distribution Report- your press release will be distributed with your company name and company logo.

ICO Promotion on Bitcointalk forum

This includes
 Annthread Creation
 Promotion on various childboards of the Bitcointalk forum
 Community Management of the annthread
 Comments and daily updates to the Annthread

ICO promotion on Reddit

This includes
 Making daily Posts regarding your ICO on various cryptocurrency subreddits
 Creation of your ICO subreddit

 In this I will use highly ranked Reddit accounts with more than 500 posts and 100 karma which means that the posts will always be accepted in all the major cryptocurrency subreddits.

Contact me through
Telegram Username: @cryptowilie
Skype: @ngariwilson30
Email: or