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I am inventor of Bit-Coin

Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 11:15 am
by ogura
After Mr. Andresen ignores me, I ought to report that I am inventor of Bit-Coin and crypto-currencies.
Actually yet in 1990th I invented conception of Independent Electronic Money project. Which was briefed to Bit-Coin with suggestions of my friends. That friends love to remain anonymous, and they are by the article in the Financial Times newspaper about Ukrainian P.M. Viktor Yuschenko manipulations which in the U.K. would be judged as fraud case.
IEM was difficult implementable some of its parts require additional scientific researches on fractal algebra, and what was worse it was even no certainty that it is possible at all to do as I wished. That is why project was briefed. I stated about it on usenet://soc.culture.ukrainian . Because of deeply corrupted Security Service of Ukraine did not allow me to work abusing with several equipment for compulsory treatment, it was chosen Satoshi Nakamoto to do that job.

After Satoshi Nakamoto did his job, and he left to my friends the validation codes for enciphered bit-Coins emissions. They would be taken by the BitCoin network as valid BitCoins with briefed mining scheme, or it is possible to premine them long before, the official emission.

The Bit-Coins were aimed against Ukrainian-American international scheme which would be counted as fraud with some French and British politicians involvement. Needless to say that I was not friendly to several politicians, and financiers.
By our initial idea it had to refill shortage of money when it usually takes US dollar. We did not wish their toxic assets to be refilled for account of healthy economies.
First my friends were very against that, but it was decided to brief the project of IEM and to re-brand it as Bit-Money and after I was suggested to change it to Bit-Coin. The brief article you could read on soc.culture.ukrainian .

The full project was initially not money at all, but exchange system, for barter economy, with actually electronic implementation of Ancient Chinese barter trade system, and it always remained as conception, because of rogue corrupted Ukrainian special services, their schizoid desires and their constant terror. (Even now days after several police reforms, which are happening each few years since 1980, it are often such events as for example, few days ago some police structure was sentenced for attack on another law enforcement structure , not in that separatists's region on East or West of Ukraine but in its capital. Couple years ago it was even a riot of riot police. ) In 1990 they police and related structure, it seams, did not lose any opportunity to robe, anyone who could defend itself. To be defended from governmental recket, it was called such project. Another problem was fact that that National Bank established rules to hold payment, making actually sabotage for economy, that it why most of economy was barter. That days some enterprises in Ukraine printed their own money to make at least some trade working. (The most remarkable was Kharkov Tractor Factory money, which however sold tanks abroad and partially stabilized their money with foreign currencies.)
The problem with barter is the fact that nearly impossible to find pair of those interested when each one would have as a good for exchange what needs each another and to be ready to exchange it. In the best case it has to be groups in 10 to 100 persons. What I planned to do with specialized social network. And I planned it to be working without Inter-Net through the dial-up connections as in Fidonet.
In later revision of that project I decided to supply that barter with index of value. When index had to be actually set as prise for farther exchange scheme involving several various sides.
And if barter operations could be profiled with distributed decentralized social network, index needed some validation, and its mechanism was actually a crypto-currency. And it also remained as project. Later I plotted to use some institute of court for resolving conflicts if they appear, and with appropriate elections, to establish governing and court inside the network. That part of the project was the most controversial. My friends suggested to remove all that Barter functionality at all, and to concentrate on crypto-currency as alone project it was IEM. And functionality was briefed ones again and re-branded as Bit-Coin. Later little changes were made already without my attention.
And my friends actually have all the codes.

But it is not necessary to make such money as decentralized network, it just has to be guaranteed by respectable authority, as for example royal, as in precedent of King Henry validated each bill of spends for nobles in England, signed as #.

Re: I am inventor of Bit-Coin

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 10:23 am
by ogura
You may ignore me, following instructions of my enemies, but after some while we will publish codes to Bitcoins and all the industry will turn into funny faculty. And crypto-currencies will remain only centralized issued by authorities.
I let us say need one BTC a day along the 30 years. And if Avakyan will get them, or yet another Misi Walzman instead of me, why would we need BTC at all? This interesting experiment with crypto-currencies, I'm afraid may be over without BTC.

and Satoshi Nakamoto posted it on site of that community which also connected.
It was established for several leaks particularly to sound corruption of Lazarenko, Kuchma (tapes of Melnichanko), Poroshenko (Panama Pepers), Cameron (whose assets where refilled by successor of Kuchma). Fact of it may be used peer-to-peer networks eased the task to publish facts of corruption. As for example, it was funny to listen to Theresa May explanation, same ugly, as she give now.

My posting about I decided to rename IEM into BitCoin and to simplify it, however may be removed from Google groups, I may personally did not check it out, because of I actually do not use Google. It's another long story why.

I even planned to state in court, about belongs of naming Bitcoin. Actually it was invented before Satoshi Nakamoto.
but I do not recognize authority of US court in specific cases, after it sentenced Pavlo Ivanoivich Lazarenko to spent several years on luxurious villa, for his ugly huge corruption, shared by friends of US democracy, his ugly corruption and systematic abuses of special services established in favour of US democracy values. And I had no money to pay necessary bribes to complete my education established by US democracy.
Would I invent crypto-currencies in not their constant state terror?

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Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 11:47 pm
by piazza
thx u so much for useful info

Re: I am inventor of Bit-Coin

Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 10:45 am
by ogura
thx u so much for useful info
So, soon you could issue enough bit-Coins for you needs, as well as any on else.

Re: I am inventor of Bit-Coin

Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 10:48 am
by ogura
Just imagine soon everyone could be BitCoin BTC Millionere.
As Leonid Kravchuk, Pavel Lazarenko, and Leonid Kuchma did it with Ukrainian coupons, with well connections to US administration. Coupons or kupones served as temporary Ukrainian money, with transaction from joint Soviet Union economical system. Eventually from 10 USD for a 1 coupon, it was fallen to 180,000 of UAC for a 1 USD, while it was printed enough millions of coupons. And later when 100,000 of coupons were exchanged for 1 Hryvna Yuschenko and Kuchma with Chumachenko (do not mix with his wife with same surname) also printed enough of them as much as it was wanted just from about 2UAH for a 1USD it chnges not about 26-28UAH per 1USD.
If somebody does not want so many people to be the very first crypto-currency millionaires, please
hurry up.
If you want to find who is Satoshi Nakamoto and who is beyond of him, as for exercise it is easier task. When I was 11 years and 1 day old, it was Max Headroom intrusion, find the TV-host, it is a picture of his sits and arms.
Time is running out.

Re: I am inventor of Bit-Coin

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 8:38 am
by ogura
Didn't my job merit, some benefit for it?
Any one may contribute, for keeping it in secrecy, not to have a total final surprise.

P.S. I have what to do after. As for example my personal enemies Poroshenko (to whom Obama pushed position of President) and Kolomoiskyi got into conflict, after we helped them both.)
P.P.S. Yes I signed as John Doe but it was not me who leaked Panama Papers, and it was necessary because of Parasha's and other Ukrainian's lie London. When indeed assets were belonging to Parasha's "independent auditors", who are Parasha's corruption scheme managers. (Not miner as Parasha reported.)
And I even signed somewhere as Andresen before Bell changed surname, what indeed was misspelled Andersen.

Re: I am inventor of Bit-Coin

Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 11:52 pm
by ogura
As you see British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), got into tensions with Parasha, who is a pathological lier and briber. ("Trump lawyer 'paid by Ukraine' to arrange White House talks" --BBC)
And that is not the only lie.
Well that is the only confirmation, about present conflict. If "no" decentralized crypto-currency competed its role, and we will open the initial BTC codes, after "surprise" period.

Re: I am inventor of Bit-Coin

Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 10:26 am
by ogura
Well, 1 a week, along 25 years and 10 at first and single time, regardless who and in what sequence.

P.S. My friends may do only release, not half but total precedent. Just like one of the most influential Chinese structures which advices government and actually advances pretenders, formally may do the only decision to dissolve PRC, actually they may not do it but do various other decisions.

Re: I am inventor of Bit-Coin

Posted: Mon May 28, 2018 11:00 am
by Yogay
I would like to thank you for sharing useful info related to the Bitcoin. I am so much confused in this regard that actually who invented the bitcoin? Is it Satoshi Nakamoto or someone else? What are your thoughts folks?

Re: I am inventor of Bit-Coin

Posted: Mon May 28, 2018 5:33 pm
by ogura
I would like to thank you for sharing useful info related to the Bitcoin. I am so much confused in this regard that actually who invented the bitcoin? Is it Satoshi Nakamoto or someone else? What are your thoughts folks?
I am glad to listen to your comments, to have not doubts that we have, to release initial codes of Bitcoin Core Blockchain.

Re: I am inventor of Bit-Coin

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:25 am
by ogura
The right to open initial BitCoin Core Block-Chain codes is delegated to British Monarch.

Re: I am inventor of Bit-Coin

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 1:47 pm
by ogura
Perhaps you could think,I was among of those three deployed to US?

Last time when the minister of interior of Ukraine, Arsen Avak-jan came to French border at Northern Italy, because of treat of avalanche he was not lucky to meed that man from Paris responsible for his Armenian mafia connections, fully supported by recent Italian and French Administration. He stopped to insinuate cases against me as may be I am an established of Avalanche group. (Actually they established it to put a blame on me.) After his second visit to Italy to make bridges it was Genoa bridge collapsed, and actually every visit of Avak-jan to Italy happens roughly same time with some horrific event. And Smart Armenian minister of Ukrainian interior deployed already 3 my copies to United States, and decided and while during his vocation locals could tough against me another case, but several pointed floods complected them. One because of broke pipe of heat supply, several another because of pointed weather impacts.
Do you remember Satoshi mentioned predicative logical programming, the event control system employs exactly artificial intelligence system based upon predicative system of programming, they may work at least about 50 year absolutely autonomously without any service or operator intrusion, accurately analyzing events and making decisions on respond events. By Moor law after 50 year American clusters will have smaller performance, then what it already have.

Recently with BitCoin and other crypto-currencies it complicate bribery of all of those, and they still serve "sponge effect", when instead of dollars it may be refilled crypto-currencies that instability which Gena Haspel, Theresa May, Donald Trump, Lieberman, Clinton with wife, and all of that Dudas with Kwasniewskis seed. The corruption scheme developed by clients of Theresa May (that days foreign relationship adviser and such Viktors Yuschenkos).

We continue to develop Crypto-Currencies technologies.

P.S. Ones Again I made brief description on ukr.politics of BitCoin long before Satoshi Nakamoto begun his job, and Satoshi's Bitcoin version is not obligatory the only. Yes it was a conflict, I stated that I return to Independent Electronic Money, project apart of Bit-Coin but I returned to Bit-Coin.

Re: I am inventor of Bit-Coin

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:21 am
by ogura
Not so far ago, Ukraine as deported to the U.K. some fraud suspect, who resembled me.
HIM IS NOT ME! Is is recently in custody, and may not post here.
Previously when Theresa May managed the Ministry of Interior and actually she was the Home Office Secretary, she manipulated him to get Ukraine, just to say that him may be actually me, previous time they used Ukrainian Born established of Avalanche Groups, who also resembled me.
And thus happened when Ukrainian Minister of Interior realized that he looses ground under his feet (previous time he nearly died in real avalanche.)
Except invention of BitCoin, they have reason to hate me, and they need reason to defect my information. That is why they manipulate with several persons to seem to be me, and appear are various from hooligans to intellectuals.

Today already without Boris Johnson, Theresa May had to call early election but keeps by power with all of her strength, delaying Early Election as much as she can attacking internal opposition in the Conservative Party, and attacking all the oppositional parties, indeed delaying Brexit.

Also she could not explain if Poroshenko (the one from Panama Gate and Ukrainian president) offered her competent experts, who know how to make Novichok, why they must be experts not suspect. And actually I had tension with connections of that experts, when Theresa May way employed by their connections as Foreign Relationship Adviser.
I count days n hours to her resignations.

Re: I am inventor of Bit-Coin

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:49 pm
by WalletInvestor
I would like to thank you for sharing useful info related to the Bitcoin. I am so much confused in this regard that actually who invented the bitcoin? Is it Satoshi Nakamoto or someone else? What are your thoughts folks?
I don't know what to think, we don't even know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, they might not even be just one person. I don't think there's an answer to this question until we uncover Nakamoto (if we ever do)