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Social Crypto currency USSRCOIN (USC) - celebrates the opening of the site and distributes free coins.

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:22 pm
by zgen1999
Another Red Calendar Day !!!

We celebrate together the opening of the official site https: //USSRCOIN.COM/ !!!

In honor of this grand event for 7 days, we give out USSRCOIN (USC) free coins to all those who believe and share the ideas of socialism !!!
(95% of the total prima will be distributed)

In order to get free USSRCOIN coins (USC), you need to create a purse at, where you will receive free USSRCOIN (USC) coins.

Then it is necessary to write to the e-mail address about the readiness to accept coins.
But that is not all!!
We are glad to introduce to you POOL, where you can connect to maintain our network and get a good reward for every 50 USSRCOIN (USC) unit found.
Hurry to join to get your first coins !!! (ed.) Official website of USSRCOIN. Social Crypto currency