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USSRCOIN (USC) social crypto currency

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:10 am
by zgen1999
USSRCOIN (USC) positions itself as a social crypto currency which will allow all socialist-minded citizens to become financially independent and start building their own business on the basis of USSRCOIN (USC) !!!
Everyone will be able to use USSRCOIN (USC) as settlements between each other, for certain goods or services.


When the official website is opened within 7 days, free USSRCOIN (USC) coins will be distributed to all comers, those who believe and share our ideas !!!
(95% of the total prima will be distributed)

But that's not all, also when the site is opened, PUL will be presented, where you can join to maintain our network and get a good reward for each block found in the crypto currency USSRCOIN (USC).

In order to get free USSRCOIN coins (USC), you need to create a purse at, where you will receive free USSRCOIN (USC) coins.

If, you want to be aware of the beginning of the hand, then leave an application for notification in advance by writing to