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Do you think VIC Rewards meets all the needs of the healthcare ecosystem?

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2020 3:24 am
by daisy33
As I know that VIC Rewards has been specially designed for healthcare. their team consists of clinical, healthcare, blockchain, IT and loyalty program experts with most of them having more than 20 years of experience.

VIC Rewards has been in the development and implementation stages for 3 years. Their solutions have also met the due diligence of many of the top companies and partners and are backed by some sophisticated, supportive and enthusiastic private investors.

Unlike many other Crypto tokens and products, VIC Rewards will provide True Utility Value. Here are VIC Rewards commitment to all VIC investors.

VIC Rewards has also already attracted many of the top exchanges over the last years and
we have purposefully tied the VIC Rewards listings to the growth of the PHB Eco-Systems in the ASEAN region.

 You can use VIC in their VIC Marketplace to purchase quality health and wellness products and services.

 dClinic is a dedicated Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) company that creates a VIC Rewards loyalty program to run on a parallel public blockchain so that Smart Contracts can be used to reward consumers and their care team providers.

 It is a sophisticated and secure system and a successful business model. The VIC Rewards website will describe the interaction between PHB and VIC Rewards.

 They also negotiate with many other health and wellness providers and participate in the VIC Rewards ecosystem so they can also trade VICs for reward programs.

 Every year, they will offer all VIC holders a buy-back option on their VIC, so the VIC remains valuable.

VIC is a true Utility Vitality coin and you can use VIC to purchase health and wellness products and services on our VIC Marketplace.

For example, cosmetic and beauty care products, PPE (face masks), accommodation, and many more.

For more info you can simply visit at