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Messenger’s Command of FairWorld

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2020 1:37 pm
by superstring
When you receive this email, you must have there questions in your mind: “Who I am?” “Where am I from?” and “What I am going to do?”

Before answering these questions, please answer my question first: in your spare time, have you ever thought about “What is the world?” “What is the world like?” and “How to know the world?”. You might think that this is something that philosophers or scientists should do, but as one of the elements that make up this world, we are all relevant to the world, no matter how small we are.

It is understandable if you are absolutely sure that the world has nothing to do with you, because the world you are referring to exists only in your cognition, because we, including all people on Earth, used to think so. You are still in a three-dimensional space just like we were in the past, in the limitations of three-dimensional thinking and cognition.

Now, the world I talk to you is a real and objective world, which is the entire Universe, composed of 11 dimensions. You might think that is incredible and fantastic, but it is based on the Superstring Theory -- a principle of everything concluded from solid philosophical and scientific theoretical foundation.

What is Superstring Theory?

Superstring Theory is the most promising theory to unify the fundamental particles in nature and the four interaction forces.
It believes that the string is the most basic unit of matter and all elementary particles such as electrons, photons, neutrinos and quarks are different vibrational excited states of the string.
Superstring Theory is the first to combine the two fundamental theories -- general relativity and quantum mechanics -- of the 20th century into a mathematically self-consistent framework.
It solves some century challenging topics such as the nature of black hole and the origin of the Universe that have long troubled physicists.
Its experimental confirmations will fundamentally change people’s understanding of material structure, space and time.
Superstring Theory reveals that the essence of everything in the Universe is only vibrational energy.

The definition of Superstring Theory

Superstring Theory is the greatest creativity of modern science and the most perfect unified theory, the only theory that can describe the Universe in a single, all-encompassing and harmonious mathematical framework so far, and the simple, scientific, perfect, and powerful principle of everything that the great Einstein has been looking for in the last 30 years of his life.

The contribution of Superstring Theory

Based on the 11-dimensional Universe model of Superstring Theory, We have proposed and verified the philosophically self-consistent “Theory of the Cycle of Universe” based on the previous “Big Bang” theory.

We believe that the Universe is in continuous cycles, and the present Universe was born out of the dust of the last Universe. The Big Bang is not the beginning of space and time, but just a transition between two different phases of the Universe. Moreover, the new material world is “created” from the original dissipated material dust.

There is no destruction and rebirth of the Universe, only evolution and creation, which is the fundamental reason for the eternal existence of the Universe.

More importantly, we have successfully explained the entropy of black hole and radiation based on the Superstring Theory. This is the first time in human history that the entropy of black hole and radiation formula of macroscopic objects have been strictly derived by using the basic principles of statistical physics and quantum mechanics from the perspective of microscopic theory.

Now we will answer you questions you raised in your mind at the beginning:

We are Mr. String
We are brought together from all corners of the world by Superstring Theory;
We insist on revealing the truest secrets of the Universe with the deepest knowledge of it;
We are eager to reveal the mysteries of the Universe activities with a clarity that has never been achieved before;
We believe that the breathtaking beauty and elegance of the Universe thus being displayed will inspire the greatest awe, wonder and shock in the lives of anyone who knows it for the first time.

After the completion of the 1st revolution of Superstring Theory -- 10-dimentional space model, and its 2nd revolution -- 11-dimentional space model (Superstring Theory - M), we are now entering the 3rd revolution -- FairWorld.

What is FairWorld?

“If the HBO drama Westworld is a mapping of real life, then FairWorld is a global mapping of the operational principle of the real and objective world.”

Taking “The Science of Cycle of Universe” as the philosophical basis, “Superstring Theory” as the operational mechanism basis, and blockchain as underlying technology basis, FairWorld is a global mapping system and decentralized superstring Universe cycle network that integrates the knowledge and principles of economics, Internet, blockchain, philosophy, cosmology, physics, life sciences, sociology and other disciplines.

Our mission is to restore the operating mechanism of the real world through the global mapping of it, solve the problems of balance and sustainable development faced by the real world, and promote the global dissemination and the implementation and practice of application of the “Superstring Theory”.

Our vision is to make the world rethink and let civilization continue better.

In FairWorld, Black Hole F30, White Hole F20, Lucky Wormhole, String Hole, Noah's Ark and other mechanism design allow you to thoroughly appreciate the beauty of the basic operating mechanism and the beauty of the basic operating philosophy of the Universe.
In FairWorld, you can more easily acquire high-dimensional cognition and thinking mode in the 11-dimensional Universe.
In FairWorld, the underlying decentralized smart contracts and the fair decentralized world’s common assets allow you to fairly and freely get the returns you deserve for your efforts.

“People are always looking for the truth, and the truth is actually by our sides.”

In FairWorld, the 3rd revolution of Superstring Theory, we are willing to work with you to build a high-dimensional civilized world of freedom, autonomy, impartiality, and recurrence just like the real objective world.

We are no longer just Mr.String, but also Messenger of FairWorld.