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How do I profit from VIC Rewards Token?

Mon Aug 10, 2020 8:12 am

This is an excellent opportunity as it returns ownership of health data and rewards to the consumer's pocket.

They are all lifelong consumers of healthcare services and products. So why am I not rewarded for doing the right thing regarding my health care and well-being? dClinic says you should.

As a VIC Rewards token holder, how do I profit from VIC Rewards Token?

 VIC Rewards will be used for part of or wholly for products and services in the PHB
Eco-System Marketplaces.
 Products and Services will be charged for a certain number of VIC regardless of the
daily value of the VIC. This creates true utility through stability of currency value for the VIC.
 VIC will be the default and reliable Utility Token in the PHB Eco-Systems. VIC will
leverage dClinic´s success. VIC is linked to a successful business and business
 VIC will have huge exposure through the PHB Eco-System and clients. VIC will not
be an obscure token, rather, VIC will be pervasive.
 VIC will be listed and managed only on reputable exchanges where the PHB ECOSystem is implemented (ASEAN region first where there are a huge number of crypto
 VIC can be traded with other PHB Eco-System Utility Tokens. Other approved
healthcare tokens will be invited into the PHB Eco-System.
 Q4 of every year VIC Rewards will buy back a percentage of the VIC in the
marketplace giving all Token holders the opportunity to cash out of some or all of
their VIC.
 VIC Rewards´ future plan is to be a publicly listed company, and all Token holders in
VIC Rewards will be offered added buy back benefits. These additional benefits will
the VIC Rewards website at the time of public listing.
VIC Rewards can help reduce healthcare costs for governments and healthcare. VIC Rewards can improve medical outcomes in many ways.
So more info you can simply visit at https://vicrewards.io

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