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This is better than Facebook.

PAClyfe BETA is now LIVE!

PAClyfe is officially released in its public beta testing form. The entire PAC team is thrilled to show you PAClyfe. We like to emphasize that our platform is still in beta testing and there are areas in need of improvement. Your feedback during this process is welcomed.

PAClyfe Launch Feature List

Registration: Users will be able to register by creating an account or by signing in with a pre-existing twitter profile.

Profiles: When users have registered, they will have a profile and be able to do a variety of things: upload a profile picture, post texts, images, and videos to their ‘wall’, send friend requests to other users, and send private messages.

Groups: This feature will allow users to join shared interest groups. For example, PAC mining, Sports, Food and Lifestyle can be topics of discussion where users can interact with one another and participate in focused discussion forums.

Chat: People will be able instantly chat live with other users currently browsing PAClyfe. You will also be able to set up Group chats and Individual chats.

Languages: PAClyfe will be offered in more than 70 languages helping people to communicate and network together around the world.

Governance Portal: PAClyfe governance will allow for 24/7 live updates on all proposals currently on the network. This will provides the community with access to a wealth of statistical data on each proposal, it’s creator, current funding levels/votes and updates.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience during the development of the PAClyfe platform. Also, we like to thank all moderators and developers who were actively involved giving valuable input.

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