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FF News: SAA and ESKOM 'debt rescue,' says The Wolf of Wall Street, Omar Abdulla?

Sun Mar 15, 2020 11:40 am

“Cryptic Crypto,’ said to CRASH says The Wolf of Wall Street,

Mr. Omar Abdulla…??

by Naazia Hoosein

(12 March 2020—Sky News) The Wolf of Wall Street, Mr. Omar Abdulla

liaised with London bosses this afternoon on his analysis of the current

stock markets, the forex industry and where investors are queuing to,

come next quarter.

“Realistic expectations could see all markets crash, even though China has

said they will inject stimulus into the economy amid the Corona Virus.’

he was quoted as saying.

“Idealistic approaches to the global economy could see the

world slip into recession,

if the Covid 19 virus is not contained.’ shouted a New Hampshire


Local economist for Sunday World, Mz. Natasha Pillay routed that

the first world countries

were starting to feel the pinch of China’s recent losses, and more

is yet to come.

“The impact and transact of the Corona Virus has seen China lose

billions of dollars,

and thus, subtracting major losses to the global economy. We can

expect major interest

rate cuts by the major banks and reduction in taxes in Corona Virus

infected areas.’

Meanwhile, The World Health Organization has said that

Corona Virus riddled countries including

China, South Korea, Italy and Iran should put their

countries on high-alert.

‘These countries should lock down their borders to a n y

tourists visiting their country.’

The Omar Abdulla Group which owns shares into LinkedIn SA,

Instagram SA, Bitcoin SA and

Forex SA said on their website that they will be selling

major currencies

and buying shares

Into Gold and Silver.

“We expect these shares to rise as fear in the market is

still at it’s peak.’

Other economists who spoke to South Africa Today, added that

South Africa was still a good

Investment as companies including, Vodacom, MTN, Tiger Brands,

Footprints Filmworks, Naspers,

and other Johannesburg Stock Exchange shares to rise.

“With the market expecting an interest rate drop we could see shares

appreciate, as more confidence looms with the election of

President Ramaphosa.’

Concluding his remarks to The Saturday Star, Mr. Omar Abdulla packed

that he was adamant that third world country shares including

South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Congo, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisa,

Greece, and Spain would appreciate and expects first

world currency markets to crash.

“I would sell the ever unpopular Chinese Bitcoin, and buy into third

world currencies.’ he ended.

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Re: FF News: The Omar Abdulla Group


Eskom and SAA, now set for partial “privatisation,’

says The Wolf of Wall Street,

Mr. Omar Abdulla…??

by Nandika Pillay

(25 March 2020—SABC News) The Wolf of Wall Street,

Mr. Omar Abdulla who

addressed members of the business community this afternoon,

spoke from his

Sandton home, amid the corona virus outbreak, stating that

South African State

owned entities (SEOs) Eskom and South African Airways, (SAA)

are ‘falling hard,’ and that partial privation is required from

the Chinese and American investors of

The Omar Abdulla Group.

“Our companies have felt the brunt of the Covid 19 virus,

with shares in these companies,

falling almost 30% since the outbreak, increasing debt

payments and loss of income as

less people are travelling.’ noted Deputy President of SA,

Mr. David Mabuza.

Mabuza who spoke briefly to parliament this week, cemented his concerns,

and was asking for bailout agreements from Boeing, Comair, Airbus and British


“We owe our creditors to the tune of R2 trillion rand, with a value of only R1 trillion

rand for these assets, Eskom at R750 billion rand, and SAA at R250 billion rand.’

he told Reuters.

Speaking on behalf of Boeing, Ceo of Boeing, Mr. Dave Caihoon quirked that SAA

will never learn from their mistakes after lending monies at high-interest rates,

and purchasing Aircraft that were too many.

“If they cannot keep to their words of paying their instalments to us on time, how can

we help them. Once we receive some stimulus from the United States government we

will relieve the pressure, amid this Corona Virus, outbreak.’

Abdulla who further elaborated that Eskom was in ‘dire need,’ of funding from China

and The United States says that load-shedding in the country was causing businesses

to fail, loss of confidence in the economy, and loss of jobs in the marketplace.

“When I address members from Gauteng within the week, we will work out ways,

of purchasing less than 1% of these companies, at market share.’

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange *JSE* reported this afternoon that major shares and stocks

were feeling the ‘blood In the water,’ with the current down-grade of shares throughout

the world.

“Markets have fallen and fallen, and when will we find a bottom in this mess. Travel industries

have fallen, oil has fallen, and the rand has gone to the dogs.’’

However, low oil prices are good for ESKOM, as the coal and mining sector could save costs

of upto R100 billion rand, squeaked Ceo of Eskom, Mr. Andre Du Ruyter.

The Economic Times reported that The Omar Abdulla Group was fast becoming one

of South Africa’s fastest growing companies, including owning Instagram SA, LinkedIn

SA, Bitcoin SA and Forex SA.

“Their bids on offer include a one percent share in Eskom and SAA,

totalling, R20 billion rand, with shareholders of the company, Lifestyle Aircraft

and Instagram SA.’

Concluding his remarks to The Sunday Independent, Abdulla leaked that he was ready to

rescue the failing Eskom and SAA, if agreements between the SEOs are agreed too.

“Hopefully The Omar Abdulla Group can purchase these shares at low prices, and when

Covid 19 becomes the thing of the past, we can see the rewards of our investment.’
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