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Announcement - Bitholla - Simplifying Bitcoin Payments

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 4:41 am
by medicine
Some of my friends have launched their android app:
Hi guys,

For the past 7 months we have been developing Bitholla an android app which started at the Seoul Bitcoin Meetup. A bunch of us wanted to create something useful for our meetup.

The problem we found when using bitcoins was paying each other back after a night out. Copy and pasting addresses & scanning QR codes over and over again wasted time.

We decided to solve this by having a local list ordered by proximity where your user profile and bitcoin address are one. A use case we've found the app helpful was paying people on the spot at a restaurant. Another is finding new people and places to use your bitcoins near you.

After some internal testing, mostly with the help of the Seoul Bitcoin Meetup we were able to refine the app and have decided to continue developing it. We're looking for testing and feedback from the bitcoin community which would be appreciated.

We have more plans for the app, one being better merchant and customer interaction. If you want to find out more about us you can check out our site.

Here are Bitholla's current features:

Sending, receiving and requesting bitcoin payments
Attach messages to transactions
Find people near you on the local list
Chat to anyone
Receive notifications for all interactions
Find meetups on our map
Find places to spend bitcoin on our map
Locate bitcoin ATMs
Reveal your location on the map
Customize your profile with a picture and status
Use any bitcoin wallet
Create a personal contact list
Personalized payment UI

We hope that the bitcoin community finds this app as useful as we have.


Bitholla Team

Bitholla on Google Play

Re: Announcement - Bitholla - Simplifying Bitcoin Payments

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:05 pm
by peernode
It looks good to me.

Could you post a video showing the app in action?

If any readers out there have an android phone, maybe you could try it out and post a review.