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Crypto-currency as Chinese National Currency.

Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 1:50 am
by ogura
After my article "Crypto-currency as National Currency", I advised Chinese Government, how to create national crypto-currency. I offered the basic conception which they improved. In order to implement they agreed to make serious revision of monetary and financial policies.

What helps very much, is my Confucian way of arguing.

I may expect that "crypto-yuan" may leave for decentralised crypto-currencies, only the most marginal place. And remarkably the Chinese currency is indeed very stable, when most of other currencies are falling and experiencing turbulence.

When the payments in "crypto-yuan" will be very anonymous, it will make Chinese National Currency to be more stable, and will reduce circulation of US Dollars and other standard currencies.

It will also will do perfect "sponge-effect".

Yet earlier attempted to offered same to Russian Government, which they did not take seriously. Yet before the earlier conception attempted to implement partially me attempted to implement British Government by Theresa with her lesbians, other advicers in interests of her clients, decided to claim it with "general mistrust to crypto-currencies".

By the way, exactly nano-chemists very much wished to hide my invention of Bitcoin. And actually my motivation to invent the crypto-currency was also because of their connections. And I have no doubts they are connected to killed Chinese Ambassador to Israel and after he was urgently moved from Ukraine. When Chinese Ambassador got his residence last time seen alive somebody threw a tiny bomb toward me out of expensive car, only damaging a door of a parked car.

For my invention of Crypto-Currency I did not not get anything, and I actually nearly living in poverty, I accept donations. 1oyCfwPwomF5HXv2siF7xSwgik3E83Qyb

P.S. I am not Polish. I must leave this disclaimer, about my origin despite it is distributed information that I am Polish.
1. Polish state claimed me as wrong, because of I have not polish way of thinking, refusing to share their vandalic corrupted principles of international fraud extortion.
2. In my origin I have many ethnicities but not clear connection with Polish ethnos. Actually I'm closer to population of Lichtenstein then to Polish.
3. None of my ancestors is originated from modern Polish State established in 1918.
After my statements on Polish history, Poland performed exhumation of early Polish aristocracy very first Polish King and even Copernicus. Fortunately they did not disapprove my theories. All the Polish aristocracy at the beginning and very first King of Poland are not Polish in their origin. The conflict between Polish inquisition and Copernicus was actually ethnic, when the considered his not polish origin. His reconstructed face looks much different then what they depicted after his death with Polish shapes of face.
I am mot Polish and may not divide responsibility for what did they plot against humankind, which they demand to support.
P.P.S. I was prohibited to make any suggestion to U.S. officials, due to U.S. Department of State, CIA and other U.S. authories established strict policy of segregation and bribery.