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BeANKH – Makes Immortality A Digital Reality

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:42 pm
by lsgnaija
BeANKH is a blockchain based platform, utilizing the power of smart contracts and artificial intelligence algorithms to create a person’s digital analogue by Identifying unique thinking patterns, emotional response templates in order to model future behaviour of the analogue that will keep functioning after physical death of the person.

BeANKH platform will be powered by BeANKH tokens, (token symbol ANKH), that will be available for purchase by platform supporters and members of the crypto community during crowdsale and on the crypto Exchanges past the successful Initial Coin Offering Campaign. BeANKH token is a typical utility token that will be used to make in-app purchases at the BeANKH Environment, thus its price will be directly correlated with platform’s Popularity. Service is secured against direct competition in the centralized environment, making it technologically challenging and economically infeasible to build similar product outside of blockchain realm.

Based on the competition analysis that we covered earlier there are no organizations, providing similar set of services in the decentralized environment either. In the initial stage, BeANKH token is and will be the only currency used to make in-app purchase to the platform. We may introduce fiat payment options for clients, that don’t have technical skills to acquire tokens, however fiat powered access to the platform will cost more. BeANKH will have a certain paid services mostly for usage of the digital personality outside of the BeANKH environment and for communication with the third parties. Ankhlabs GmbH ecosystem is built on top of Ethereum infrastructure, thus there will be no direct way of interaction with fiat currencies. In this scenario, third party APIs will be used to conduct payments that will result in extra fees. That is why native BeANKH token will be the best way to pay for the services.
BeANKH Features

BeANKH combines artificial intelligence, large data and blockchain technology, enabling users to save and share their basic features and personality after their physical death.

After several years of research and development, the BeANKH team defined the approach to transforming the personality into an algorithm, which then lends itself to a digital copy of the personality.

It is argued that as soon as a person leaves, his qualities and characteristics are bequeathed to his heirs. The idea of ​​the technology is that decentralized storage and encryption will ensure the security of personal data, which makes the digital identity not only accessible, but also protected from unauthorized access.

To ensure that the digital version of the identity corresponds to the reality, BeANKH uses polygraph-jet technology based on artificial intelligence algorithms to determine the accuracy of general information. BeANKH will build the most reliable
representation of the user’s personality, thereby taking into account how self-esteem differs from the perception of others and avoids such errors in the network.

Before allowing anyone to create a digital person, BeANKl-l will provide identification of faces and block fraudulent attempts. Before creating a digital identity, each user will undergo a thorough authentication using the technology of the block system.

ICO Mechanics

BeANKH platform token (BeANKH) will be an ERC20 standard compliant token that will initially be distributed during the Initial Coin Offering campaign. Participants may acquire tokens at a discounted rate by pledging a predefined amount of Ethers (ETH) into the token sale smart contract.

The ICO smart contract will define policy for the start and end dates of the crowdsale as well as other rules and regulations around budget allocations and milestones. Users holding currencies, other than ETH should use third party conversion services to acquire Ether in order to participate in the crowdsale and acquire BeANKH tokens which will be exclusively available on the BeANKH official portal available at

In order to participate in the crowdsale users will be asked to accept the Terms & Conditions, provide ETH wallet address to receive the tokens. Contributors should not use Exchange wallets to receive BeANKH tokens.

Detail BeANK Token sale:

Token Symbol: ANKH
Token Type: ERC20
Platform: Etherium
Price per token: 0,12 USD
Hard cap: 41.160.000 USD
Soft cap: 1.800.000 USD


What we know today is that humans still die. And that the idea of immortality is not new. We continue to work towards facilitating tools and technologies combat morality and rewrite the book on human beings live their lives. We are currently in a place of fact-gathering, scientific experimentation and innovation.

We are not just building a grand enabling technology, but also shaping the framework of ethical principles and values, that will help embrace it and use it to the best of its potential. We anticipate that the technology may disrupt the way our legacy endures after death and originate a new sphere of intergenerational relations that would not be possible otherwise.

We anticipate that this technological advancement may trigger social and psychological implications and we want to put in place the necessary mechanisms, define principles, regulations and values to deal with new challenges.

The developers, donors and partners of BeANKH Tokens are by all measures – not just doers but futurists, dreamers, disruptors, interrupters and iconoclasts. Join us on this journey, towards tomorrow and towards, ETERNITY.

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