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The Best No.1 ⭐️Binance⭐️ Pump Community! We pump but never Dump! Legit group!

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:02 pm
by Crypto central
Our team has created a perfect step moving forward that’s genius and different from other pump and dump sites.

Simple we want to get a big enough following that we just simply pump coins for our group but never dump on them. We will be well managed and coached when it comes to our process. With our formula and u guys running this site it should be exciting!

100+People in 24 Hours! We’re growing Fast! We will limit our group to right around 5,000 our theory behind this is to have a quality base instead of quantity. A good pump group consist of everyone on the same page.

We will announce 5 coins that we will be looking at weeks prior to our pump. We will guide the whole way and whoever is in our group will make money! We will announce what time we will start also sooner than other groups. There’s one key and that’s everyone on our feed has to work together.

We need followers to help all of us make money and in return they make money!
We don’t use shortcuts on our site and it is ran by professionals. We want all of our users to stay with us for a long time and for no one to get burned.

If u have questions msg me.
I’m excited about what we have going but it will take everyone’s combined help!

This site is ran by true businessman and professionals! My team is strong and our strategy is even stronger!

Click any link ^ Free and easy to use!

Biggest difference is we coach mentor and get our group all in sync together!
We also take suggestions and allow our group to have a say!
Every user makes what we do work!

Help us Share! We’re Growing Fast!

Thanks Pump Crypto!

Re: The Best No.1 ⭐️Binance⭐️ Pump Community! We pump but never Dump! Legit group!

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:29 pm
by BlockTechnology
Pamp of cryptocurrencies as a result rarely finished well for all participants

Re: The Best No.1 ⭐️Binance⭐️ Pump Community! We pump but never Dump! Legit group!

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:25 pm
by Crypto central
This is coming from someone that can’t spell ^
Here is a breakdown of our Moto!

We’re Legit!

Concepts of our Pump Crypto Group

(let me explain)

What is pumping? What is dumping?

*A pump occurs when a large amount of capital (Buy orders) move into an asset in a short time. This leads to the price of the asset to increase at an incredible pace. In turn, this can create what is called 'Bullish confirmation', this will lead the market to FOMO in, driving the price up even more.

*A dump occurs when a large amount of capital exits the market in a very short time frame. This leads to the price dropping off at a very fast rate. When someone dumps an asset they rely on pushing the price of an asset past a support area. When the price goes lower than a key support this will lead to stop losses triggering which in turn cascades the price down even further.

⭐️Pump and Dump" is only unhealthy if the price goes below its original price! This is not our goal, nor our intent. We love the Crypto Market! Our pumps are designed to create genuine FOMO. Which in turn, will result in a higher price than the original. This is considered a “Healthy” pump! In this scenario, 99.9% of members will profit as long as they listen.

A great pump group takes everyone working together and a great formula! We have the Formula! Now we are excited to educate!

We will give a lesson everyday up until our first crawl, walk, run phase into our first pump next week!