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[SCAM or LEGIT] USI-TECH invest review !!!

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:32 am
by jayvietnam

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A USI-TECH BTC-Package is priced at 50, - EUR and runs for 140 business days.
Because the packages are paid by Bitcoin, they do not always cost the same. Price depends on the current market price of Bitcoin. When placing a package, the price shown for 15 minutes is guaranteed. In those 15 minutes, the package must then be paid.
For each BTC-Package you pay a one-time royalty fee of 3%, which is included in the display price.

Depending on the outcome, both the daily return and the time may change. It is not a profit and the pro-purchase rates of the BTC-Package are paid on a daily basis. So you can with an average of 1% per day expected (new window and prorated purchase price).

BTC-Package Award
0.00761 BTC (Example)
BTC-Package Runtime
140 business days (Monday - Friday)
Return of Capital
daily payments

The goal is to achieve a net profit of 40% within 140 business days (not guaranteed). If the target return can not be achieved within 140 working days, the runtime is expanded accordingly. After 140 days the package expires.

A payment is made only in Bitcoin.
Account balances can be paid on a daily basis.
Minimum payment is 10EUR (in Bitcoin).
A 2% fee is charged.
Account balances can be used directly to purchase new packages (optionally Also available as an option).

Due to the continuous replacement of the "double benefit" package effect. By constantly buying higher yields will create. Depending on your goals, so you can recognize a personal residual income.
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It also participates in BTC-Packages if Bitcoin prices go up. Some analysts view the Bitcoin course at the end of this year at 7,000 to 8,000 EUR per Bitcoin, some even up to 10,000 EUR. The current Bitcoin process can be found in the bottom right corner of this site.