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New trading platform for prediction markets

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 6:45 pm
by SimpleThought
Hello World!

We are proud to announce a new prediction market trading platform.

Introducing PredictionMarkt  — a trading platform that allows you to make money on predictions about future events by trading shares in the potential outcomes.

Introducing PredictionMarkt

PredictionMarkt is a centralized, Ethereum-based platform for betting on the outcome of events in areas such as Business, Technology, Finance, Sports and Politics.

What are Prediction Markets?

Prediction markets (also known as predictive markets, information markets, decision markets or virtual markets) are exchange-traded markets created for the purpose of trading the outcome of events.

Any individual or organization can tap into the “wisdom of the crowd” to ask a question or predict the result of any event.

In a single market, we ask a specific question about a future event with a few potential outcomes. Some markets feature questions that have simple “Yes” or “No” answers, while others offer multiple possible outcomes.

Shares of each outcome could be sold or purchased with Ethereum for a fraction of the price, between 0 and 100%, which reflects the probability of the potential outcome. PredictionMarkt participants can trade shares with the other users of PredictioMarkt, making profit without waiting for the outcome of the event to happen.

When the actual outcome is determined, its shares are converted to 100% of the price and the owners make profit.

How is PredictionMarkt different from other platforms?

PredictionMarkt has three distinctly different characteristics:
  • We provide centrally-managed prediction markets. This simplifies the platform and increases safety of our users by removing many risks such as fraud and outcome disputes.
  • We don’t charge fees on the winnings or any internal transactions. The only time our users are charged is when they withdraw funds from their account.
  • We keep the process simple by providing trading in the Ethereum currency. We don’t expose our users to additional risks by creating our own crypto tokens.
What’s next?

Going forward, we’ll be working on the features targeted at increasing market liquidity and precision of the prediction results. We’ll be creating more markets in more categories, let us know if there is a specific market category you are missing on the platform.

We are also interested in exploring partnership opportunities. Please contact us on Telegram if you are interested!

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