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CCGroup - short-mid term signals for fast profit

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:53 am
by CCGroup
Hey, Guys,

I'm already following this channel for few weeks, and I can say only that i have been in whalegate, cryptoland, cryptobittt, palm beach and other paid groups, but this one is the best, they really copied from piad groups signals as fast as paid groups signaled, i saw it with my eyes sitting in paid channels and Crypto Cartel! Thanks to Crypto Cartel! As well they have their own signals after they analyze what kind of signals are giving paid groups and what is the best they are not PUMP and DUMP signals but they are now infiltrating in PnD groups to get signals for their members before it gets Pumped! Really appreciate they re work! And i would appreciate if you could use my link, there is also rank-system! Many thanks and Good luck with trading or holding! ;)