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ZCoin (XZC) Setup Services and Linux VPS Hosting Services

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:59 pm

Setup Masternodes Supports [XZC] and it's community to Setup and Host Masternodes!

How SetupMasternodes Helps:
  • [li]Troubleshooting[/li]
    [li]Regular Updates[/li]
    [li]Supporting Community[/li]
    [li]Setup and/or VPS Hosting[/li]
    [li]Linux VPS Support[/li]
Do not know Linux or understand it well enough to run a Masternode? This is one service you can use with efficiency!

Official Link:

[PSA] Never give anyone access to your local wallet or remote access to your Wallet for any Masternode Setup/Hosting Services! Be aware!!!