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What is the BTC data report on the BitOffer?

Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2021 6:29 am
by Mikemiky001
The market pushed down. The FIL increased and the spot currency FIL3X went up for 2 days. The BTC stepped back to the $37,000. From 1-hour chart, the candles rushed up. It had resistance to the shorts. Stepped back to the MA60 moving average. The short term moving average pushed down. The uptrend kept steady. Buy it at dips on $37,000. Let it out when it breaks down.

The ETH had a callback. From 4-hour chart, the indicator volume pushed down. It had a resistance to the shorts. In the short term it didn’t depart. The moving average kept the longs uptrend. Buy it at dips on 2700. stop the profits when it breaks out.

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