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bitcoin ponzi scheme

Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:48 pm

below bitcoin wallet owner is running ponzi scheme. and he earned lot of money in this wallet and transferred thousands of dollars to other bitcoin wallets.

This guy is running ponzi scheme like below and offer double bitcoin to be earned within 24 hours.

Please do the following steps to Made a Deposit:

1. Send (Minimal - 0.005) to adddress: 1Kt3iBVkWrTNwPCCf4vnbNsXNnAcAvZBvz
* You Need 3 Confirmation From Blockchain Before We Can Confirmed Your Deposit.
* Please Deposit Within 30 Minutes And Do Not Close This Page If You Are Sending Bitcoin Until We Confirmed Your Deposit , We Will Automatically Redirect You To User Control Panel , If We Have Received Your Deposit Payment.
* Please DO NOT deposit lower than 0.005 Bitcoin , Our system will detect your deposit as a donation if you send deposit lower than 0.005 Bitcoin.

I like bitcoin and new way of currency exchange a lot. but i have below questions.
1) where can you report and complaint about this bitcoin ponzi scheme?
2) is there a way to receive money back had been lost in such ponzi scheme?
3) current money exchange through fiat currency at least comes with fraud protections from banks. so that you report to back such fraud, and bank refund you money back and some how cancel the transaction. is there something like this in bitcoin?
4) how people feel confident making transaction through bitcoin if there is no such fraud protection guarantee?

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