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Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 11:58 pm
by Wrestledjoe
I recently won a progressive jackpot on on the slots
The progressive jackpot amount showed to be 39k (credits) on the their
mobile app, so as you would expect, if you hit the jackpot, you would be
credited 39k (credits). However, I was only credited 29k (credits).
Soon after i reported this to their support, they took down the site for a day and they completely changed the pay outs and amounts of the slots game and the progressive jackpot.
(which i must add in that the amounts that they have changed everything to is very unfair and very greedy.)

I will provide any and all details if any one asks for them, as far as the amounts that they have lowered and such but for now I am simply just trying to be credited the 10k in credits that im missing, and since im being ignored by their extremely slow "email support", maybe this will help.

I messaged a VIP manager about this, and informed them that it showed 39k
to be the progressive jackpot on the app, and this is the reply I

QUOTE FROM email from Olena Figurak

As for the difference between the jackpot on the website and mobile app,
I've already forwarded this to our management team. It is a mistake on end
and will be fixed soon so thank you very much for spotting it and bringing
to our attention!


Olena confirmed that the app did in fact show a 10k higher amount, therefore I am requesting that rightfully credits me the 10k credits that I was not credited.

If a online casino shows a certain amount that will be won when hitting a
jackpot,they are expected to follow through and do the right thing, and stay true to what it shows on their game.