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Lets see if this is a SCAM toghether!

Sun Feb 16, 2020 1:49 pm

Hello everybody!

I am currently trying one of those Telegram bots for mining cryptos.
I have already reached the minimum ammount asked by it for the withdrawl. The one and only thing I need is 10 referrals to prove if this is legit or a scam. I don't have them because I don't like bothering people with scam methods. I will update this thread as soon as I get the 10 referrals and as soon as I get my payment (or not).

You just need to download Telegram for desktop.

Then install the App, register a new account by using your phone number.

And now simply go to this URL: (my referral link)
and click “Open Telegram Desktop”

After that you can get crypto by clicking "View Ads" every 30 seconds. Or you can automate it using the web version , log in with your Telegram account. Now simply right click with your mouse anywhere on the site and choose “Inspect", go to "Console" and paste "function $0() {$('.reply_markup_button_wrap.reply_markup_button_w1').find('button').click(); } setInterval($0, 31*1000);" (WITHOUT ""), the script will do it for you every 30 secs.

I hope anyone helps me and the rest of us to see if this method is a scam or not as I have seen a lot of this in different forums and communities and no one ever updated any thread with proofs of payment or anything.

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Re: Lets see if this is a SCAM toghether!

Mon Apr 06, 2020 11:21 am


from the above post... have yu got withdrw of funds..?.???

But, here i am facing the issue like bot is not responding...

i have reachd minimum limit to withdw
7 referals.

Suddenly the bot stopped responding .

is the same issue you faced..

pls reply.

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