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Investment Money Management Bot Hodlbot (Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex)

Wed Dec 25, 2019 9:18 pm

The idea of a bot implemented as a cloud service https://en.hodlbot .ws is simple. Every day he buys cryptocurrency for a certain amount of dollars (the amount of cryptocurrency chosen by you) (from $ 1). He buys and immediately puts up for sale several percent more expensive. When the order is executed and you take profit - the resulting balance is also invested in addition to a fixed amount of expenses. Since the entire currency constantly jumps in price, then up and down - these waves can be caught and damped, stabilizing the market and earning.

What does the asset management strategy offer:
- Profitability from volatility waves, but not from price growth. The bot does not guess when the price will go up or down, it does not predict what kind of volatility it will be - it simply places an order and waits for the price to become slightly higher than the sale price. Due to the many resales and profit.
- Protection against falling prices. It’s not in vain that the bot is called “Hodlbot” - it constantly issues sell orders - all along the fall path, and since sooner or later the fall will stop, sooner or later the placed orders will begin to be executed and pay for themselves, the main thing is that there should be enough motivation to continue investing in the fall and wait for the bounce from the bottom. Under such a model, investments depreciate in a falling market much more slowly and are able to restore their volume.
- The bot removes the lottery and gives stability - for which we love it.

What the service offers:
- Automation. The service every day (if you do not pause) buys and sells the currency according to your api key according to your chosen settings, showing both general and daily statistics.
- Support for 5 exchanges – Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Exmo, Yobit (the list is expanding)
- Advanced settings. The bot will split the purchased currency in a depot and sell each depot for its percentage (this is more profitable). Depending on the nature of the volatility, certain settings are more profitable. And the bot can take a percentage of the resulting balance (from sold orders), and add it to the turnover to a fixed amount of daily expenses, reinvesting investment income.
- Income Calculator, available without registration - https://en.hodlbot .ws/calc
- Summary of the results of the calculator - we have launched the calculator a hundred thousand times, after conducting a full-fledged study https://en.hodlbot .ws/mass_testing-en.html
- Security. We do not disclose measures to protect the service to protect against research on its structure. In the settings you can activate 2-factor authorization
- 10-day demo mode, after its end - 0.01% commission on the amount of assets in launched bots daily, but no less than $ 0.1 for a successful launch of the configuration
- A referral system with a 30-day cookie (50% of the contribution from the daily constant spending of involved users for starting a simple configuration).
- The option to launch a bot for each currency of each exchange and monitor their status from any page of the site - when creating a configuration, a link to it appears in the menu with a brief information about the assets. Run 10 bots in demo mode to test the dynamics for different pairs.
- Feedback and technical support

You can learn more about the work of the strategy on the site in the calculator - there is a lot of additional information. You can also leave a review or comment and get an additional demo period of using the service from 0 to 60 days.

What strategies to invest in?
We offer 4 basic strategies.
- Strategy Basic: You invest in the basic configuration - we sell 50% 30% 20% of the depot at a price of 5%, 10%, 15% more, reinvest 5-20% of the balance. Tests show that crypto assets stably change in price, on average, by + 7% of invested assets every month, tests https://en.hodlbot .ws/test-5-10-15 and https://en.hodlbot .ws/test-3-6-9
- Strategy Automatic: The bot will pick up and change the configuration to your configuration based on its calculations, controlled by a neural network, profit up to + 30-50% of the value of assets per month. Available only to users whose balance in the system is $ 1000 or more. Starting an automatic bot takes $ 1000 off for your use, in the future you can configure only the amount of invested funds
- Risk Management Strategy: Invest $ 10 per day in 20-100 crypto assets. If the asset began to give a big profit - increase the investment to $ 20-50.
- Forecasting strategy for the month: Invest in profitable configurations from the top for the last month. If the configuration made a profit in the last month, it will probably give in the next. Tops are located at https://en.hodlbot .ws/top3 https://en.hodlbot .ws/top2 https://en.hodlbot .ws/top

Ask questions - we will be happy to answer

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Re: Investment Money Management Bot Hodlbot (Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex)

Fri Jan 10, 2020 4:01 am

A new indicator has been introduced, showing without unnecessary calculations how much the configuration has earned on the difference between the completed acts of buying and selling coins

https://en.hodlbot .ws/tests/exampleen.png

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