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Why after creating two keys(private and public) and communication to carry out transactions on the Internet, problems such as the loss of a private key causes theft and loss of personal assets?
While authentication is said to be done on a digital signature, and by checking the digital signature through the key, it's clear that the transaction is secure And you get the authenticity of the owner of the key private and account.
But Why is it not secure authentication after installing and running wallets or through web services and The real owner of the wallet is not specified ?

Why wallet or related services not able to detect and calculate the private key in any wallet?
Is there a mechanism for identifying key private produced of the wallet after installing any wallet or running Web services?
Do private keys need to be checked every time in wallet or Web services, which created a public key or Wants to be made a public key new used to sign in to the account?
is The need to check private key special the wallet?

How produced private keys through wallets without being the same keys between all wallets installed?

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Re: Bitcoin-wallet

Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:00 pm

I think it's for privacy issues.

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