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My Blockchain life 2017 review and a little about the expectations for Blockchain life 2018

Fri Sep 28, 2018 6:22 pm

My Blockchain life 2017 review and a little about the expectations for Blockchain life 2018 :oops: :mrgreen: :D ;) :( :o :P :shock: :!: :?: :?: :?:

This year in St. Petersburg hosts the largest and most important conference on the Blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO and mining.
This 2018 year are expected:
about 5 thousand participants
more than 80 speakers from China, Switzerland, England, France and so on
more than 70 nationalities who will take part and have already bought tickets
a lot of opportunities to find a solution for your own business or improve it
Why you should visit Blockchain life 2018?

I should definitely say that I believe that everyone should spend on tickets, it's definitely worth it

Why you should spent a little for tickets and my little review of the event in 2017

Going ahead, I must say that the Blockchain Life conference is a huge scale to which the organizers have subscribed. And yes, they have done everything at the highest level.
To take part in such a large-scale forum was a pleasant experience for me

Firstly, let's go through the organization.
During the whole event I felt myself safe. The security of the organizers, speakers, and the building were under protection. There were people everywhere who watched the observance of order. there were no conflicts, no long queues, and so on. Highest level, well done!

About the queue:
you have to stand a little at the registration but if you are VIP then you are provided free access without queue . You will be cordially treated by friendly, sweet girls, which give you accreditation and you can safely go.

In principle, everything is intuitively clear. Where is the first hall,where is the second you will immediately understand. If you can not co-orient, then again, you will be helped by volunteers or organizers.

About the atmosphere and general impressions:
As I have said earlier, everything is at the highest level! I came alone, without my colleagues. I thought it would be boring, but in fact the program of the event is very rich, after the speaker you can drink tea, coffee and a have a snack, and then there is no time and you go to another speaker.
Sometimes there is more time, I was playing games or talking with people. All people are quite friendly, everyone is interested in communication. The atmosphere is calm.

Also, I will say that if someone wants to talk tete-a-tete with the speaker then he can easily do it. Speakers are quietly sit in the halls, and some of them remain on additional questions from the audience after the speech. A relaxed atmosphere.

Well, in the end it is worth saying from myself : thank you for such a cool afterparty. Russian pop-music articts, a fiery and light show, a performance of magicians, a lot of light and sound - all this was for everyone who went to Afterparti. It was cool and party-danced gorgeous!

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Re: My Blockchain life 2017 review and a little about the expectations for Blockchain life 2018

Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:36 pm

It's great that you share your experience. Of course, everyone has mistakes, but thanks to them we find our way. Thanks to the blockchain, which gives us the opportunity to buy and sell a crypt, is the most important achievement of recent years

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Re: My Blockchain life 2017 review and a little about the expectations for Blockchain life 2018

Fri Apr 26, 2019 3:17 am

any plans on making the expo a traveling event?
would be nice to see something like this stateside, as the events i've seen here have been rather lackluster.
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Re: My Blockchain life 2017 review and a little about the expectations for Blockchain life 2018

Thu Nov 12, 2020 4:44 am

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