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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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UpCoin Exchange - New floor to pay attention. Bittrex 2.0 + 500$ free

Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:54 am

UPCoP Exchange Exchange - New floor to pay attention, should register early to receive free $ 500 later to pay for non-transaction. A pretty good way to entice customers - just like Bittrex did in the past

Register here:
Background information:
Our goal is to become the world's No. 1 exchange, creating the most convenient, fast and secure place for your crypto business. You focus on business, while we will take care of everything else.
- Convenient transaction:
Simple interface that even beginners can understand
300 trading pairs right after the start and over 1000 pairs within 6 months after the start
Unlimited, unverified 6 months after launch
Several price charts on the screen simultaneously
Different types of orders: limit order, market order, stop, stop order, stop limit, immediately or cancel
Stop loss / loss of profit
Localization in 7 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Japanese
-Speed ​​and stability:
Servers in all areas of the globe for quick access
Can process up to 5 million transactions per second
Backup up to 1000 Gbt / s. UPcoin continues to operate when others fail
- Feedback and support
Professional support staff. Response is guaranteed within 24 hours or less.
Analyze your business performance through the Analytics module
99.999% service available
We listen to our customers and we will prove it!
CIA-level security
97% of the money is kept in cold storage
Encrypts the whole file system
24 hours monitoring infrastructure and access control
The "human factor" error has led to a minimum
Bounty Campaign Closes at (Independent Security Audits Launched in Q1 2018)
-Road map:
Group formation - June to July 2017
Create interface and exchange engine is being created - August-November 2017
Market demand study: 400 interviews with traders, finding needs and common issues - October 2017
Launch API Restore API and Socket - October 2017
Notice and launch of pre-registration - December 2018
Launch referral campaign - December 2017
Beta testing started - January to February 2018
Bounty program (security audit, Q1)
Start of exchange - Q1 2018
Deploying internal remittance - Q1 2018
Margin Trading - Q2 2018
Automated verification implementation Q2 2018
Registered and licensed in the law with the positive provisions of cryptos Q2 2018
Deposits and withdrawals - Q1-Q2 2018
Mobile Platform Q3 2018
Deploy digital asset management Q3 2018
Register here:

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