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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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What is BitConnectx from Bitconnect ? Really Bitconnect 4.0 ?

Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:15 pm

What is BitConnectx from Bitconnect ? Really Bitconnect 4.0 ?
The Bitconnect Team would like to wish all our community members a Happy New Year and thank you for making 2017 an incredible journey for this platform. The tremendous growth we experienced was a clear message of support and trust in community platform.
- July 2017: Launch of the project
October 2017: Platform testing
- November 2017: Developed the Blockchain BCCX platform
- December 2017: Running ICO, running ads around the world, developing security features
- January , 2018: Launches block explorer, launches internal floor, runs lending, runs affiliate rewards program, platform game.
- February 2018: List on coinmartketcap, release wallet on IOS platform, Android, target 30 $ / BCCX
- March 2018: On the floor, expected to debut on HITBTC, target 50-70 $ / BCCX
- April 2018: Promoting advertising strategy
- July, 2018: Up the floor larger (planned Coinexchange, Poloniex), target 100-120 $ / BCCX
- End of 2018: Expected price $ 250 / BCCX
mn cmt at the bottom when the registration is sent to send information to

Many of the milestones we achieved are a direct result of the users and members of the community believing in our mission. We believe the future of cryptocurrency relies on programs like Bitconnect being a resource that can assist beginners as they learn about this technology and its benefits.

Acceptance and awareness of cryptocurrency is at an all-time high thanks to platforms like Bitconnect spreading the message globally, and Bitcoin dominating the news media. People and businesses worldwide are now learning about and using cryptocurrency and its payment systems to conduct transactions just as traditional banks have for decades. Slowly but surely, with your help, we are winning.

Bitconnect was the fastest growing cryptocurrency of the past year and we saw over 1.5 million members join worldwide. That staggering number is still on the rise daily, adding to an already huge network of likeminded individuals. This continued positivity has been a great source of motivation for our team, leading to new ideas, new concepts and new opportunities.

Moving into 2018 we have another addition to the Bitconnect brand. A new coin that will have an ICO starting, tentatively, January 10th. There will be more details coming as the ICO gets activated on January 10th.

ICO website:

Once again, we wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.

Best Regards,

The Team BitConnect

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