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[XMAS] Send your loved ones some Bitcoin Cash this year!

Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:06 am

I wanted to change the design of the paper wallet (as created by to a more Christmas theme.

I'm happy with the result and wanted to share it:

Here's the template of the file:

You can preview what it looks like, and play around with it, here:

You probably shouldn't use an online version. If anyone needs a how-to how to adapt the offline html file to this, then let me know.

The SHA256 hash of the changed html file is: 1643530a4d4c814497c33172c9eb59895e349499e8c84cb848f49a566151071a. It has two changes: the graphic for the paper wallet is changed, and I have changed the QR rendering code so that it only prepends 'bitcoincash:' on the Bitcoin Cash Address, but not on the Private Key QR code (otherwise the wallet doesn't recognize the Private Key when scanning).
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