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Things have started moving

Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:07 am

I'm afraid we don`t have much time left till the day at McDonald's you`ll be able to buy a cheeseburger for bitcoins, and IKEA stores will sell special shelves for installation of home mining farms. The second one, by the way, most likely won`t be in demand because the world`s already moving away from mining at home and puts it on a wide-scale production. Large companies paid attention to cryptocurrency. Increasingly, there`re the news about investments in ICO projects by companies that aren`t related to digital money. The latest news I`ve heard was RUSAL and the Bulgarian MiningNow project had become partners ... sal-RUSAL- sets-up-the-infrastructure-for-data-center-at-NAZ-25591032 /? utm_medium = RSS & utm_content = 20171130. It`s planned to create a data processing center in Karelia. In my opinion, it`s a very profitable investment for RUSAL. IMHO, all industrial giants will start investing in cryptocurrency soon.

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Re: Things have started moving

Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:19 am

Totally agree w/ u! Such investments gonna bring attention to projects that really deserve it. If we consider ur example, RUSAL`s chosen MiningNow for a reason. Check their website: All statistics, the structure of work – everything`s in open access. The project really cares bout its users. Think that large investors gonna be able to remove cryptocurrency projects from the market.

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