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How to purchase Bitcoin Cash in Belize #BitcoinCashBelize

Sat Dec 02, 2017 5:17 am

Note - this post is part of the #BitcoinCashBelize subsection of this forum! It may apply to other locations, but is tailored towards the country of Belize.

There are a number of ways to acquire Bitcoin Cash. They all fall into two main categories:
  • Earn Bitcoin Cash
  • Exchange regular money (ie Belize Dollars) for Bitcoin Cash
Earn Bitcoin Cash
This is by far the best method of getting Bitcoin Cash. If you have a business, start accepting it. Print a Bitcoin Cash Accepted Here sign, and prominently place it near your Business entrance and/or Cashier.

For accepting Bitcoin Cash directly, I currently recommend the wallet. I'll write another article in the future on how to install this application on your phone or tablet.

If you are an employee, ask if your boss would be willing to pay you in Bitcoin Cash. Maybe your boss would be more willing to accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment method, if he knew one of his employees preferred it as a wage payment.

If you are looking for a job that pays in Bitcoin Cash, use this forum! Make a thread and describe what your skills are.

Exchange Belize Dollars for Bitcoin Cash
There are two main ways to exchange regular money (such as Belize Dollars) for cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin Cash): to exchange it using an exchange service, or to exchange it with someone else (ie in person) that wants to make a trade.

Exchange using an exchange service
There is a list of exchanges here:

To sign up for an exchange, you often will need to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation. This could include a copy of your passport and a recent utility bill / bank statement. Once you have signed up, you'll need to wire money to the exchange - check with the exchange exactly how to do this.

Note that not all exchanges may accept Belizeans, we currently don't have a list of which exchanges will, and which exchanges will not, accept applications from Belize. Please comment in this thread if you have had success (or otherwise) signing up.

If you have access to a bank account outside of Belize, you can use this information for your exchange registration. Banking fees from Belize to international accounts are expensive and cumbersome, so it may be useful to use a bank account that is already outside of the country, if one is available to you.

The Belize Central Bank often requires much documentation for international transfers. All too often, they must explicitly approve that you send your own money abroad. It is currently unclear how the Belize Central Bank will respond to requests to send money to Bitcoin Exchanges.

Many Belizeans have friends and family in the United States. Those friends and family members will be able to open accounts with exchanges. Often, those friends and family members will send money into Belize - next time, ask them to send some Bitcoin Cash instead.

Trading directly with another person
Rather than going through exchanges, it is possible to make a trade with someone in person. If you would like to make a trade in person, the first step is to find the other person. There are services such as that fulfill this exact need.

Currently, there are no buyers or sellers in Belize, yet! Take the opportunity to register on the site, and start making trades!

We will also be organizing regular Bitcoin Cash meetups in Belize. That is a great place to meet other Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts, and you may be able to find someone to trade with there.

Remember, there are always people looking for cheap ways to send their money out of the country. And there are always people looking for cheap ways to send money into the country. Sending money in or out of Belize can be expensive and slow, and Bitcoin Cash is a great solution to this problem. If you want to buy Bitcoin Cash, simply look for someone wanting to send money into Belize. If you want to sell Bitcoin Cash, simply look for someone wanting to send money out of Belize.

Important - whenever meeting someone face to face for a money exchange, be extremely careful. People can, and sometimes do, get robbed of their money or Bitcoin Cash. Exchange in small amounts, use escrow services, meet in busy, public places during the daytime. Take all necessary precautions to make sure that, if the other person has bad intentions, that they cannot hurt you or steal from you.
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