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Your thoughts on profiting off and the sustainability of HYIPs?

Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:23 am

Hey guys, I've been thinking and analyzing the sustainability of these 2 HYIP platforms. I would like to share and discuss with you guys and hopefully hear what are your thoughts on these 2 platforms.

Disclaimer : I understand that these are downright ponzi schemes, my personal belief is that one can make profits from these schemes as long a strategy with good entry and exit is in place. Hence I started this thread to discuss my thoughts and strategy on how to profit from HYIPs instead of being scammed. I am not saying that they will pay forever, they will not, there is absolutely no need for flaming of any sorts.

Firstly, a short review of both platforms :

  • Advertised : 3.87% daily with accruals every minute. Deposit released with 5% fee (BTCclock successor? But they strictly claim to be unrelated to BTCclock)
  • Accepts : BTC, LTC, ADVCash and PM
  • Withdrawals : Manual and not automatic, processed during business hours
  • My thoughts : Platform seems good as of now, they have been implementing new features and making regular updates. Telegram chat is relatively active, support is good, replies within a day and solve issues promptly. Might be good for a couple more weeks, I'm slightly invested in this, 3.87% with manual compounding but will probably shift everything over to Hexabot in a couple of weeks.
  • 3 bots/plans : 2.0% – 2.3% Daily, 7.1% - 8.2% every 3 days, 22.1% - 24.1% weekly. Deposit released with 7% fee.
  • Accepts : BTC, LTC, DASH
  • Provides an option to custom select compounding percentage. (Neat feature)
  • Withdrawals : Auto/Instant
  • My thoughts : Seems like a custom coded script, unique and interesting. Although I doubt the "bots" are real bots. Good platform interface and owner is active in the community chat, replies queries without bullshit. Platform feels very promising to me at this moment, support is responsive, no major issues and community support seems strong. Personally I'm quite invested in this at 100% compounding on Swing bot (weekly bot) that offers the highest ROI per unit time.
Based on point-to-point comparison, my thoughts are as follows :

Script, UI, interface, features :

  • BTCHash is an almost exact replica of BTCClock, design-wise, interface and features. As we know, BTCClock was very interesting with its minutely accruals, hence I assume they pioneered the scripts and platform. For BTCHash to be an almost exact replica, it would most probably be one of 2 cases : 1. Same dev team running both platforms, or 2. BTCHash bought the script off BTCClock. Based on the fact that we haven't seen much of any hyips with minute accruals, I assume the script is still relatively tightly closed source. (This is purely my own speculation and might not be true at all)
  • Dev has been updating the platform with new irreversible investment schemes, eg, Muslim or Halal Investment option. New scheme is supposedly meant for Halal investors where ROR% fluctuates according to daily profits. Personally, I don't see how that should be classified under "Halal" targeting Muslim investors. Fluctuating ROR% does not seem much more "Halal" than a fixed ROR%. (Thoughts?)
  • As for Heabot, the script it's currently running off seemed to be custom coded, definitely not bought off generic HYIP coders. Although still a work in progress, as of now, I feel that an early exit with minimal revenue does not justify the effort Hexabot's dev team put in, they'll probably gun for higher revenue - hence longer lifespan.
  • Plans for a trading bot release for public download (Thoughts?)
Community support, Dev support, hype, social media exposure :
  • Both platform made an effort to sustain some sort of community support and exposure, (Facebook group, telegram group). But it seemed to me that the community support in Hexabot is much stronger. Dev support for Hexabot is great, with great effort to establish a more personal relation with the community. There's no need to go to such extend if the dev is planning a short exit scam.
  • Dev support from BTCHash is relatively prompt and quick as well, however, community support seems dead. However, BTCHash has exposure to an array of communities with different telegram groups catering to different language speakers. So my opinion here might be unreliable as I based it off the English group.
Sustainability :

  • By crunching some numbers, we can see that in BTCHash, it takes 27 days to fully recover your ROI. BTCHash has been running for close to 37 days - I can safely assume that there are a number of initial investors who already have the initial deposit back and are running off profits. Yet, from around 15 days ago, the number of people joining the telegram group amounts to only around 200+. Doesn't seem very sustainable to me. (Again, this is based of the English group, hence might be unreliable)
  • Higher ROR and affiliate bonus reduces sustainability and required exponential new deposits to offset previous investors profits
  • Hexabot is still a few days shy of reaching a full cycle even for the most initial investors. From the community chat, it seemed that the proportion of new users far outweighs the older investors, proving some sort of longer time sustainability
  • Affiliate bonus and ROR is much more conservative, might provide longer sustainability. (Although might not be true entirely)

Daily actual REAL returns/profit calculations per day (HYIP - REAL ROR% - days running) :

  • BTCHash - 3.87% - 37 days
  • Hexabot (Swing) - 2.72% - 33 days

comparatively :
  • Laser.Online - 2.75% (taking into account weekends) - 130 days (paying)
  • Chain.group - variable, averaged out to 2.5% - 141 days
  • Bitconnect - variable, ranging from 1%-2% - 291 days
  • Investellect - 1.2% - 983 days[/li]
  • Renaissance Investment - 0.8% - 1215 days
More data is definitely needed to get fairer comparison but to get the idea.

I feel that Hexabot might be slightly more sustainable than BTCHash. Personally, I think both are profitable if exited in time. I currently have an equal amount of deposit in each platform on full 100% compounding.
My personal plan for platforms that offer deposit release would be to go with 100% compounding from the start and pull out my initial deposit once it doubles. After some rough calculation, it seems like 100% compounding will shorten the doubling cycle by approximately 25%, thereby decreasing vulnerability horizon. After that, we can let the profit ride at 50% compounding for an optimal reward-risk ratio.
On the other hand, at 0% compounding, I find that I'd be losing out to the other investors who are at 100% compounding as they'd be able to lock in profit at a faster rate. In the game of HYIP, I feel it will always be better to be the one to get paid first.

However, these are my own personal strategies and I definitely need to calculate my numbers with more data to verify my theory. It might not be the best strategy out there, hence this thread.

What are your thoughts?

PS. If you'd like to check these 2 platforms out, I'd appreciate if you'll use my ref links :
BTCHash.io ref link
Hexabot.top ref link

or, if you'd rather not :
BTCHash.io non-ref link
Hexabot.top non-ref link

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