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Nickel Bitcoiner
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[Review] What is Numiv Coin? | Numiv Coin Scam or Legit ?

Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:22 am

What is Numiv Coin?

Numiv Coin is a cryptocurrency (NUM code) based on Blockchain technology that uses a lending model to develop its co-borrowers, such as Bitconnect, RegalCoin, HextraCoin.

Visit the account registration link: Coin has two main stages of development: ICO and Lending. You can buy cheap ICO and wait on the floor to take the opportunity X10, X20 account if the project is successful.
Detailed introduction to Numiv Coin

Blockchain technology is a transparent, unaltered and open hierarchal ledger system for all parties involved in a transaction to gain access to its data and receive notification of each update. the
Using cryptographic and mathematical algorithms, blockchain provides a distributed database for all value related transactions that do not change and withstand the fault and its authenticity is confirmed by the whole. community.
Blockchain has provided trust among individuals regardless of the distance between the two parties eliminating third party organizations. Blockchain will break down some traditional organizations because of its ground breaking feature that allows anyone with an internet connection to be able to participate in a transaction. One of the biggest industries that blockchain-based uses will disrupt is the payment industry and banking services.
Offered by blockchain technology, Numivcoin has delivered value between two parties on a hierarchical network with little transaction fees.
Coin numiv creates distances, with their limitation to cause fundamental change in the ecosystem. The first generation of the digital revolution brings us Internet information. The second generation supported by blockchain technology is giving us the value of the Internet, Numiv coin a new platform to reshape the business world and transform the old order of human work for better.
Introduction to Numiv Coin

Basic Information NUmvi Coin
Coin name: NUMIV
Coin Scrypt: (POW / POS)
Short Coins: NUM
Coin Base Maturity: 55 blocks
ICO: 5 million
Total Supply: 28 Million
Minimum age: 8 hours
Maximum age: 365 days
Difference of Coin Numiv with other coins

Road map :Image

Lending program so exciterImage

1: Very easy to dig from the computer using the script algorithm
2: Interest Lending Program
3: Staking 3% years
4: Trade NUM and earn money daily
The process of selling ICO

$ 1 million for $ 0.80 per NUM
$ 1-2 million for $ 0.85 per NUM
$ 3 million for $ 0.9 per NUM
$ 4 million for $ 0.95 per NUM
$ 4 - $ 5 million for $ 1 per NUM
$ 5 - $ 6 million with a custom price of USD / NUM

Visit the account registration link:

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