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I'm up $582 mining with Bitcoin Cash on the Mining pool

Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:05 pm

Mining Bitcoin Cash has turned out to be a great investment. I signed up for a BCH mining contract on the Mining pool back on August 12, 2017. My initial investment was $495.00:


It's been three months since the contract started and I've earned 0.83127281 BCH which has a current market value of $1077.13. This gives me a profit of $582.13 (and I have three months left on the contract!).


When the Mining pool offered the option to switch between mining BTC or BCH, I initially configured it that way. But after a day and seeing a lot of oscillations with the BCH EDA, I just decided to dedicate all the hashing power only to Bitcoin Cash and not switch back and forth automatically. This was a more philosophical choice where my thinking was the price of BCH was going to rise because it's value offering is higher than BTC (BTC legacy is currently stuck at 1MB cap with SegWit giving it a measly .7 MB boost with a poor less than 10% adoption rate several months in).

Overall I believe I did luck out a bit, more than doubling my investment in three months and with three months remaining on the contract and the price of Bitcoin Cash sky rocketing, chances are I may quadruple my investment when the contract ends.

As reference, my previous one month contract earlier this year using BTC earned me $98.00: mining/my-results-after-one-month-of-mi ... 29231.html

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