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Censorship on Delisting of Core Wallet?

Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:32 pm

I was just browsing on and noticed that i can´t download my favourite wallet Bitcoin Core. Why is that?


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Re: Censorship on Delisting of Core Wallet?

Mon May 01, 2017 2:03 pm

I was just browsing on and noticed that i can´t download my favourite wallet Bitcoin Core. Why is that?

Hi LiteCoinGuy

This is not censorship at all, rather it is a combination of a misplaced wallet and seemingly a misunderstanding on your end of how the Wallets section of works. Surely if censorship were occurring then with's support of Bitcoin Unlimited it would not be solely the Bitcoin Classic wallet that would appear, and none of the others. Please be sure to do your research prior to raising false questions of censorship. You're fully aware that is wholly anti-censorship.

If Bitcoin Core (or anybody else, for that matter) wishes to promote their wallet in the Wallets section of they are free to fund the campaign address of that wallet once their wallet submission has been reviewed. As you can see below Bitcoin Core is listed as a campaign on, however their campaign is currently inactive with the last payment of 0.00002 BTC being received in July of 2016:

Image ... qSEWvmgK2U

Clicking the 'Promote your favorite wallet' link will take you to the promoted wallets page where you can click and fund the Bitcoin Core wallet campaign if you wish to do so. As it is clear that you did not click that link in order to find out more, I have included information on how wallet campaigns work below for your convenience:
How Voting works:
By sending bitcoin to the address above, you can instantly fund your advertising campaign. Default pricing is $1 USD per click for all OECD countries, and $0.50 everywhere else. The exchange rate is based on Best Bid Rate at the time of the deposit. Featured ads are displayed in proportion to the remaining USD balance, multiplied by the square of the set CPC, in comparison to the other funded ads. The higher your account balance or bid per click, the more often your ad will be displayed. If you work for one of the companies listed here, you can contact to gain access to private reporting for your ad, modify your CPC bid, or change the countries your ad is displayed in.
In fact, as you'll see if you select the 'Full' wallet option, Bitcoin Core has an equal chance of being shown as any other due to the fact that all full wallet campaigns are currently inactive.



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