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Mon Mar 23, 2020 3:56 pm


Hey everyone!
My name is Karl and I work for Bitcasino.

I want to do my best on this forum to answer any questions, queries or concerns you may have around who we are and what we do.
We would also welcome any feedback or suggestions as to how we can make Bitcasino better than it’s ever been before.

This thread aims to bring you the best promotions, offers and incentives from the greatest gaming providers.
We’re hoping to spark up some great conversations around cryptocurrencies and the future of crypto as we know it.
So, stay tuned :)

About Bitcasino

* Fully regulated and licensed “crypto-centric” online casino
* Over 2000 games and counting
* Instant deposits and withdrawals
* You can play with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), TRON (TRX), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT), and Cardano (ADA)
* 24/7 customer support in 8 different languages


  • Loyalty Club
* Earn free spins & up to a 10% cash rebate every time you play.
* Get instant rewards & points multipliers.
* Achieve real money rewards with zero wagering requirements.

  • TRONLink
* Experience a seamless connection between Bitcasino and your TRON wallet.
The plugin stores your key and taps into it anytime you need to deposit or withdraw from your Bitcasino account.

  • Casino Boost
* Receive an additional percentage of your winnings from slot games.
If you have a boost available, you will see a boost banner on the main website or under eligible slots.

  • MoonPay
* RPurchase cryptocurrencies in just 30 minutes!
MoonPay will let you buy any Bitcasino supported cryptocurrencies with your debit or credit card.
You can also use bank transfer and Apple Pay.

  • More features are coming soon, so hold tight and watch this space :)

Game providers

We make it our business to onboard only the top gaming providers. Our onsite catalog includes best sellers from gaming giants like:
NetEnt, Quickfire, OneTouch, Evolution, Yggdrasil, Asia Gaming, Quickspin, Microgaming, and Play’N Go.


The most important thing we can do is make sure your personal information and funds are guarded at all times.
Using the latest technologies guarantees your information and money are well protected.
However, we do strongly recommend that you activate 2-factor authentication on your account.


We have two awards at the EGR Marketing & Innovation Awards 2020:
* CRM campaign for our spooky Bitcoin predictor
* Social marketing campaign for our Team Trees campaign

Useful links

AskGamblers Review:
Help Center:
Customer support:
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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Bitcasino — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX — TRONLink has arrived!

Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:41 am

Hey guys :)

We are happy to announce that TRONLink has arrived at Bitcasino!

Why should you use it :?

With this new tool, you can easily access the TRON blockchain straight from a browser,
making it easier to deposit and withdraw funds in a safe, secure and very fast way,
without having to bother about the security of your private keys.

To utilize the TronLink browser, you must first log in to your Bitcasino account and extension.
Bit(casino) fund deposits are instant, while withdrawals appear in your wallet within just a few seconds.

How to download TRONLink?

Step 1:

Head over to the Chrome extension store and download the application by selecting the blue “add to chrome” icon.

Step 2:

Click the symbol at the top right-hand corner of your browser.
Choose a password that you’ll remember (keeping in mind that there isn’t a “remember my password function”).
Oh, and cookies are fun, agree to cookies at the bottom of the box. If you don’t, they won’t let you in.

Step 3:

Now, you either make a new TRON wallet (‘CREATE’) or you go with an existing wallet that you have already (‘RESTORE’).
Don’t worry about the third option, this is for people with handheld “real-life wallets or ledgers (but for simplicity sake,
we're going to pretend they don’t exist and keep it digital).

Step 4:

Time to give your account/wallet a name.
This protocol helps you tell the difference from one to the next (if you have multiple wallets, that is).
Make sure the name is at least 4 characters long. Be sure to avoid weird characters and hit continue.

Step 5:

So, IF you’re opening a NEW account, chances are the system will ask you to verify your Mnemonic phrase.
Say what? This is literally just a bunch of jumbled words that you need to recount back to the computer in the order
they were written in (so that they know it’s you). Once you’ve done this you’re in business.

NB. Read me.
If you forget or misplace your password and you also don't remember the backup phrase, you lose access to your wallet permanently.
Your funds float in the eternal crypto-cloud and there's not a lot you can do about it.
So, please, make sure you always remember your password and tattoo it into memory.

Now you need to unscramble that same phrase on the next screen
and parrot the words back in the same order they were given to you.

Step 6:

No more steps!
You’re in and now you have a new plugin to make your deposits and withdrawals easier than ever!

Benefits of using TRONLink on Bitcasino?

* You don’t need to ever share/find or remember your wallet key.
* You’ll never have to copy/paste a wallet address again. Isn’t that Trontastic?!

At 2000 transactions per second, the TRON network is insanely fast. Arguably the fastest so far.
So, lagging, pausing and stalling are considered dirty words in the TronLink vocabulary.

Lastly, how exactly does the extension work?
You will need to have an active TRON wallet added to your Bitcasino cashier.
Without one, you won't be able to see the TronLink Extension in the top right hand of the screen.
This is temporary and, by the time you read this, the entire process may well have been simplified and automated to the fullest.
So, stay tuned.

Let me set the picture here.
1. You’re spinning up a storm on the interactive Hammer of Fortune and the time comes to fill up on some TRON (your playing coin of choice).
2. Head to the top right of the screen and hit the TRONLink icon.
3. Select either Deposit or Withdraw (depending on what you want to do). You’ll be taken to your TRONLink account (after you’ve logged in with your unique details).
4. Choose the amount you want to deposit/add and just like that, you’re topped up on TRON.
Tip: Both the extension and your Bit(casino) account need to be logged in at the same time.

So, there you have it.
It’s now time to take your brand new extension into the world and transact on Bitcasino at the speed of light.


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Bitcasino — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX — 6 cryptos to buy in 2020

Fri Mar 27, 2020 10:14 am

Top+6+Crypto+Large (1).jpg
Hi, everybody! ;)

In this complicated time, analysts expect the cryptocurrency market to benefit from the potential impact of the coronavirus outbreak.
So they suggest it’s a good time to invest in different cryptocurrencies.

We have a blog article, where you can about bitcoin and other cryptos to buy in 2020.

Here’s a brief overview:


Bitcoin has greater liquidity than other cryptos with users able to convert coins to fiat and
vice versa easily and without chipping off a chunk of their value during exchanges.
Experts predict the coin to rise to $23,500 by the end of the year.


Ethereum is currently the world’s leading programmable blockchain.
This rise in price is influenced by current real-world crises.

Many users believe that the launch of ETH 2.0 in July will spark another rise for ETH in 2020.
Predictions for 2020 claims that ETH will rise to $11,375 by the end of the year.


Ripple aims to create a decentralized network of banks to facilitate transactions in a matter
of minutes with lower fees anywhere in the world.

New changes on Ripple by developers could also improve XRP in the coming year,
allowing Ripple to process up to 50,000 transactions per second, making it one of the fastest crypto around.


Compared to other cryptos out there, litecoin is much more cost-effective.
It can also process transactions in only a fraction of Bitcoin’s 10-minute processing time.

Litecoin is doing well in the market and many users are predicting its prices to continually
rise as a result of the halving process.


Experts consider Cardano as a third-generation blockchain.
It is built-in with many features that make it secure, flexible and scalable for innovation more so than any other crypto.

With a market cap of $18.8 billion, Cardano stands as the 5th most valuable crypto in the market today.


With a model called ‘Delegated Proof of Stake’ (DPoS), it aims to process millions of transactions
in just a few seconds, potentially making it the fastest crypto in the market!

EOSIO’s promising future has attracted a loyal audience since 2017,
making its token EOS one of the most valuable coins in 2020.

You can read the full article on our blog.

As always waiting for your thoughts and comments.
Thanks, guys


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Bitcasino — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX — 5 Ways of Earning Bitcoins

Tue Mar 31, 2020 2:32 pm

Hi guys ;)

Today I would like to share with you the ways how to earn bitcoins.
Here we go!

1. Bitcoin Mining
Mining bitcoin is the process of creating bitcoins that requires extensive knowledge of hashing and a specialized equipment called Bitcoin miner. This computer hardware supplies the computing power you need to mine and it performs the mathematical operations which in turn creates bitcoins.

Mining for Bitcoins is the most profitable of all options since you’re guaranteed to receive bitcoins after contributing to the blockchain. It does require a lot of time, some expensive specialized equipment, and a lot of money to pay off your skyrocketing electric bill.

2. Micro-Earnings

This method is comparably smaller in scale in terms of effort compared to bitcoin mining. For micro-earnings, all you need to do is complete a bunch of micro-tasks such as viewing ads on sites, answering surveys, playing games, etc. The payoff is smaller, but this is probably the most secure way of adding some numbers to your bitcoins.

Plenty of apps and sites offer this kind of exchange and one of the most popular is FeaturePoints. Earn points by answering surveys, downloading apps, etc. then you can claim rewards with those points including bitcoins.

Storm is another similar app where you complete tasks such as watching ads and playing games to receive bitcoins in your wallet. Another platform where you can earn bitcoins is Lolli. This bitcoin rewards application lets you earn bitcoins when you shop online by giving you cashback with every purchase.

3. Bitcoin Faucets
Bitcoin faucets are websites that reward you with satoshis in exchange for your time in viewing their sites. Satoshi is 0.00000001 bitcoin, which translates to one-hundredth of a millionth bitcoin. Those who own faucets sell on-site advertisements and these are what often greets you when opening a bitcoin faucet site.

In some sites, you can claim your rewards for set intervals such as every five minutes. In FreeBitcoin, one of the well-known faucets, you can drop by every hour and claim your bitcoin after playing a simple game. Moon Bitcoin gives you more freedom in collecting your rewards. You can leave your faucet for as long as you want and let the amount stack up before you come back and claim a relatively larger amount.

4. Bitcoin Investments and Trading

Probably the most famous way of increasing your bitcoin is by investing and trading it. You can hold onto your bitcoins and watch its price rise as the market grows. When the price skyrockets to a point that its value becomes substantial, you can then sell it and receive huge payouts in return.

It’s important to note that the volatility of this method is extremely high since the market can rise or drop any day. The prices of cryptocurrencies in the market remains unstable, with numbers fluctuating every minute or so.

If you’re into investing long-term then you can just leave your bitcoins be and watch how the market moves throughout a couple of days or years. If you want to trade and buy other cryptocurrencies available in the market, you’ll have to exchange them in sites such as BTCXE.

5. Working for Bitcoins
Another way of earning more bitcoins is by promoting them via affiliate programs. Affiliates are those who promote certain websites for free and later on receive a commission after bringing in paying customers. Lots of bitcoin exchanges, products, and services have affiliate programs where you can enroll. As an affiliate, you’ll have your own unique link that you can share and promote to other people who could be viable clients.

It’s up to your own marketing style on how to promote the site’s products or services. You can reach out on social media platforms and post the links along with your own content. Youtube content creators often do this and put their affiliate links in their video descriptions.

Another way of earning bitcoin that leans more on the traditional side is by working for them. You can offer your skills and services to people who are looking to hire people just like you.

There are a lot of sites available on the Internet where you can scour for jobs and freelance work that pays in bitcoin. Check out Cointiply or the popular subreddit Jobs4Bitcoins for different job postings. So if you’re willing to do work in graphic design, proofreading, web design, video production and such in exchange for bitcoins, you know where to go.

Revolutionizing the World Bit by Bit

As cryptocurrency enters the mainstream method of payment, ways of earning bitcoins only increases by the minute. It’s best to always be mindful of the risks that come with these money-making opportunities. Since bitcoin is still relatively new, these new ways of earning income can take a turn for the good or bad.

If you have any comments, feel free to post a reply :)


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Bitcasino — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX — Importance of RTP & Volatility

Wed Apr 01, 2020 1:07 pm

Hi again!

Today I am here to help you choose the best games for you.

Have you ever wonder how much a casino game can give you in return? :?

Using RTP and volatility percentage,
you can get a good idea on how much you can possibly win over the course of the game.
Understand how to use RTP and volatility to your advantage in choosing the best games for you!

To have an idea on how high a game’s payout percentage is, you can check its RTP.
RTP stands for ‘Return to Player’ which is how frequently you can possibly win payouts
over the long term when you play the game.

Every casino game—table games and video slots—has its own RTP based on the game’s RNG.
RTP is considered to be subjective because all this information is based on
Random Number Generators (RNG) used in casino games. This means all wins are
randomly generated and outcomes are unpredictable. Due to all games being won by RNG,
it keeps the gaming experience fair for all players.

You can calculate the RTP of a casino game based on
the total amount bet by players divided by the amount returned to the player.
For the total amount bet made by players, this is based on the sum of the total bets wagered by each player.
Amount returned to the player pertains to the total win given back to the player in each spin.

Another way to find out the RTP of a game is to use the game’s house edge if it’s known.
When calculating using the house edge, all you need to do is subtract the game’s house edge from 100%.
For example, the house is 4%, 100% is then subtracted from 4% to get an RTP of 96%.

The table below shows casino games with their respective house edge and RTP calculated:

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 13.33.25.png

*Note: House edge in table games may vary for the dealer and player.

Playing based on the game’s RTP can give you an estimate on how much of what you wagered
can be returned to you in the long run.
You can also enjoy other games by choosing what game you want to play based on its volatility.

Play It Safe or Dare to Take the Risk With Volatility

When taking a game’s volatility into consideration, you are deciding whether you win payouts
frequently but in small amounts or it might take a long period until you receive huge payouts.
There are usually three modes it can be set to: low, standard, or high.

Some video slots allow you to choose what type of volatility you want to play in.
Casino games with low volatility are ideal to play when you are a beginner at casino games.
There is less risk when you play because you can win frequently, but your wins come in small portions.

On the other hand, you can also choose to play in high volatility mode.
In high volatility, you can win a huge payout but it will take a long period of time before it occurs.

Check out the following games to test out what volatility suits you more when you play casino games:

Casino Games with Low Volatility

* Fairy Tale
Endorphina has weaved their own Fairy Tale filled with enchanting magical fairies up in the clouds.
Fly to the brilliant skies of this casino slot and experience magic come to life when you draw the powers of the
Wilds, Scatters, and Free Games. Marvel at the wonders of these fairies and you might get the opportunity to get your happy ending.

* Mini Baccarat
In Play’n GO’s version of Mini Baccarat, your objective is to guess correctly which hand is the highest or have a tie.
The player and dealer must try to reach 9 or get a card value combination closest to 9.
Bet on who you think will win and you’ll receive your reward when you guess correctly.

Casino Games with High Volatility

* Battle of Emperors
Fight alongside historical figures who can control China with a steel blade in Battle of Emperors made by Gamatron.
Take a role in one of China’s greatest wars in history and earn huge payouts in the long battle between the Yellow Emperors.
Go through the Bonus feature and Free Spins to get a chance at winning the jackpot and glory for all of China.

* Texas Hold ‘em Poker
Try your best to maintain your poker face when you play One-Touch’s Texas Hold 'em Poker.
It is a casino table game where your goal is to achieve the highest card combination among the other players.
Compared to other poker variants, you are only dealt with two cards and they must build a high card set
based on the 5 community cards placed in front of you.

There are 3 rounds in Texas Hold’em Poker where you can observe if your cards can make the right combination to win.
Each of the community cards is revealed in every round and decide whether to raise your wager if your cards are good or you can bluff.
Otherwise, you can forfeit your cards to avoid any losses.

How You Play the Games Lies With You

Now that you know how RTP and volatility works, you can now decide how you want to play games.
It can vary for everyone, so you can experiment which style suits you more by playing any of the casino games in Bitcasino.

By trying out new games, you can open yourself up to a whole new genre or type of game while winning money!
With a click of a button, you can check out which way you prefer—RTP or volatility—when it comes to choosing a casino game
and you can find your favourite type in our selection.

Feel free to comment if you have taken these points into account.


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Bitcasino — What are the terms you decide on which casino to play?

Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:55 pm

Hello! :)

Today I would like to ask you a question.

As you all know, there are over 1000 online casinos to choose from.
It's not an easy task. Or is it? :?

What do take into account picking the right one to play in?

Just great games and rewards? Or do you go deeper and check the license, reputation, reviews, etc?
And even if these are all OK, what makes you decide this specific one?

All your comments are highly appreciated ;)


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Bitcasino — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX — 5 Types of Crypto Wallets

Fri Apr 03, 2020 1:57 pm

Hi guys! ;)

Every currency needs a wallet.
Having a crypto wallet is a great responsibility that comes with even bigger payouts if handled correctly.

We have lined up 5 different types of crypto wallets with their pros and cons. So choose wisely.
You can read the full article on our blog. But here’s also a short overview.

1. Paper Crypto Wallet

Paper wallets are a ‘cold’ wallet that exists entirely offline and makes use of QR codes and your public and private keys
which only you can access.

They’re a printed copy of your public and private keys. Because they’re not online and not handled by a third party,
paper wallets are one of the most secure options and are almost completely hacker-free.
The only downside to using paper wallets is that it can be an immense hassle to move funds around.

2. Online Crypto Wallet

Online wallets are ‘hot’, third party wallets that hold your funds on a cloud and can be accessed from
anywhere by anyone who can open it. Among all available wallets, an online wallet has the
fastest transactions and ease of use.

However, it’s also the most susceptible to online dangers.
Some of these include the most common security breaches such as malware, hackers, scams, and DDOS attacks.
It’s because of this reason that online wallets are most viable for small day-to-day transactions instead of long-term storage.

3. Mobile Crypto Wallet

The mobile crypto wallet is easily the most portable option.
It’s practical, efficient, and, as a ‘hot’ wallet, it also has additional features that aren’t traditionally available
with online wallets such as QR code scanning.

The danger of a mobile wallet comes with the fact that because it’s a phone, not only is it vulnerable to the elements,
it’s also less secure because of fewer security options compared to its desktop alternative.

4. Desktop Crypto Wallet

Desktop-based wallets can be both hot and cold depending on how you use them.
If a desktop hasn’t ever been connected to the internet, it can serve as a very effective cold wallet
because of its offline limitations. Additionally, a desktop wallet allows you to keep your private key to yourself
as opposed to being held by a third party.

However, there are a number of things that can threaten a desktop crypto wallet.
Depending on your wallet of choice, a desktop wallet can be accessed by anyone with access to the desktop.

Another problem is the desktop’s obsolete.
If a computer can’t keep up and isn’t backed up, your wallet can potentially be lost forever.
A third problem is the risks involved with allowing a ‘cold’ desktop to connect to the internet even once.
This can cause malware and viruses to sneak in before you even switch the connection back off.

5. Hardware Crypto Wallet

The last wallet is the hardware wallet, which for the most part is considered ‘cold’.
However, if it’s connected to a device, it can act as a ‘hot’ wallet.
The hardware wallet is incredibly good at storing immense crypto funds for the long-term.

The hardware wallet (normally in the form of a USB) is one of the least user-friendly wallets,
but it’s also one of, if not the most, secure wallet options. Depending on the type of hardware wallet,
its conditions for upkeep and usage differ on a case to case basis. Some have batteries or screens while others don’t.
If you get a hardware-based wallet with a screen, you’ve already got in your hands one of the most secure options anywhere.

How to Keep Crypto Wallets Safe

Regardless of which wallet you choose, you can maximize security and minimize dangers by following these few easy steps:
  • Always have a back-up.
    If the original ever gets lost and you don’t have a back-up ready, you won’t be very happy—especially if it has, maybe, 10 Bitcoins.
  • Make sure that your keys are secure, especially your private key.
    Without your private key, you’re permanently locked out of your wallet and can never access those funds ever again.
  • If you’re using a digital wallet that isn’t paper, make sure you stay updated so that nothing breaks down or
    becomes incompatible with the soft or hardware.
So here you go—keep your crypto safe and choose a wallet that suits you the best.
Have a nice weekend!


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Bitcasino — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX — CRYPTO vs COVID-19

Mon Apr 06, 2020 2:40 pm

Hey there ;)

The last few months have been challenging for all of us.
This situation has taught us that our world is bigger than any individual one of us.
We have to give an effort together to see to it that our planet keeps turning and thriving for generations to come.

Our aim is to reach out to the world and bring a bit of joy :) into this situation while we’re at it.

So here’s your chance to make an effort.
You can donate your unused loyalty points to several charities working on helping those affected by COVID-19.

How to join the cause

Your unused Loyalty rewards get reset at the end of each month.
Instead of letting them fall away, donate them to #cryptoCOVID19 who will distribute the proceeds to different charities.

Together we can start to halt the spread and get things back to normal.

So what’s next?

Go to our CRYPTO vs COVID-19 page under promotions and click the opt-in button.
On May 1, 2020, all your unused loyalty points from April will be collected and donated automatically.

Let’s change the world. One loyalty point at the time.

Take on #cryptoCOVID19 together!


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Bitcasino — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX — TOP 5 slots with high RTP

Tue Apr 07, 2020 1:34 pm

Hi there ;)

A few days ago I talked about RTP and volatility in casino games.
Did you have a chance to read it? If not, please scroll up a little bit a have a look. Because ...

... Today I want to share with you the TOP 5 slots with high RTPs.
So, if you know what RTP is, you know what I am talking about :)

#1. Ugga Bugga
Ugga Bugga was developed by Playtech and will take you to the middle of an exotic jungle once the 3 game reels open.
You might think that it is similar to some classical slot games, but it is different.

This slot offers 10 ways that different combinations can land which contributes to the 99.07% RTP it possesses.
It uses images of idols as paying symbols that reward generous prizes. It also offers Wild symbols that can present
you with rewards of 1,000x your stake whenever 3 lands on a single spin in one of the ways that combinations can form.

#2. Mega Joker

Mega Joker has an RTP of 99% and is one of the new slot games that are being hyped.
This slot game was developed by NetEnt. It has a 5x4 slot grid that is packed full of traditional symbols.
Fruit symbols consisting of lemons, cherries, oranges, and plums give you up to 20,000 coins from the first spin.
Look out for grapes and melons that give out a massive 32,000 coins.

Squeeze out all the juices from the strawberries and pears to receive 48,000 coins in one single spin.
Another classic symbol is the number 7 that gives you 80,000 coins.
Land a combination made out of the Joker to receive up to 400,000 coins in prizes.

All in all, the prizes that you can receive from the mega reels of this classic slot game can amount to 3,200,000 coins.

#3. 1429 Uncharted Seas
1429 Uncharted Seas offers an RTP of 98.6% and developed by Thunderkick.
This slot offers 5 reels that provide 25 ways for you to win.
The symbols and features are old-timey, hand-drawn ships, mermaids, suns, moons, and stars.
Look for the elusive mermaid, who can present you with a payout 50x your stake.

You can also receive 50 free spins from the reels.
There are also Wild symbols that will help you complete winning combinations to receive bigger prizes.
You have an opportunity of bagging wins that can amount to €2,500 by spinning the generous reels of this slot game.

#4. Jokerizer

Jokerizer has a 98% RTP and was developed by Yggdrasil.
It has 5 reels that provide 10 ways for you to form winning combinations.

You only need to land 2 of the jokers in order to receive the Mystery wins in the Jokerizer mode.
The reels use fruits as paying symbols and give off generous prizes.
The various fruits glow, making them more enticing. You can receive rewards of up to €12,000 in total prizes.

#5. Good Girl, Bad Girl
Good Girl, Bad Girl was developed by BetSoft and features 3D graphics.
This slot game can be played in two modes.
When played through ‘Good Girl’ mode, you will get regular wins in smaller amounts.
When played through ‘Bad Girl’ mode, you will receive fewer wins but, they come in larger values.

Angels, devils, cats and moons are used as paying symbols.
These symbols can give you up to 1,000 coins in prizes. The RTP is 97.8%.


These are not the only slot games that possess high RTPs.
Having a high RTP doesn’t always mean you instantly get high rewards. An example of this is Mega Moolah.
This slot game does not have the highest RTP but it is famous for rewarding its players millions of euros worth of prizes.

Slot games deliver different hit frequencies and RTPs that can harbor great rewards.
There are a lot of other slot games that you can try.

Sift through the thousands of titles available in Bitcasino library of slot games.
You’ll surely find a game that is perfect for you 8-)


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Bitcasino — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX — How to avoid crypto SCAMS

Wed Apr 08, 2020 12:30 pm

Hello, crypto fans :)

As you all know cryptocurrencies rise in popularity every day.
There are plenty of people who aren’t familiar with all the elements and mechanics of cryptocurrency.
This means they are susceptible to falling prey to scammers.

Find out the most common cryptocurrency scams and how to avoid these!

1. Fake ICOs & Ponzi Scheme
* ICOs

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a type of funding using cryptocurrency.
The company creates coins to sell to investors in exchange for a specific amount of cryptocurrency.
The investor can hold onto the coin and wait until the market climbs to sell it at a higher value.

ICO scams function in the same way by tempting investors with a newly-created coin.
They entice investors with the ‘potential’ of the coin to become the next big thing and that they should
hop on before the demand gets too big. The concept of ICO is to trade your coin for a higher price,
but if the value is low for an indefinite amount of time and cannot be traded then there is virtually no profit to be made.

* Ponzi Scheme

The Ponzi scheme focuses on marketing strategies to bring more investors and money.
When no new money enters the account and old investors no longer get paid, the scheme collapses.
Eventually, the company’s services begin to dwindle, from an unresponsive customer representative to delayed
withdrawals and technical issues until finally, the company disappears— and along with it, your money.

2. Shady Exchanges & Email Scams

These involve shady emails and giveaways that require you to click a link or provide personal information in order to claim your prize.
No one wins anything from just clicking a link and if you’re already on the internet, then this should already be common sense.

Be wary of limited offers or free giveaways that give more value than your money’s worth.
No one is giving away money, not on the streets and definitely not on the internet.
So steer away from those ‘send “x” amount and receive x amount back’ or ‘get rich quick’ trading platforms.

3. Phishing Sites
This scheme begins with a suspicious email from a scammer posing as a legitimate individual or organization.
The goal of the email is to make you click the link that will lead to a phishing site that has copied a real site.
When you fill in the details of your account, the scammers collect personal data from you.

These sites are usually hard to identify because of its minor changes from the real URL or domain.
So make sure when making financial transactions online that you are on the real domain by checking the URL.
The URL should be secure and starts with a ‘https://’ not ‘http://.’
Also, be wary of Google Ads that clone exchanges but lead to phishing sites.

4. Fraudulent E-wallets or Applications

When it comes to picking an e-wallet, it might be better for you to pick the best-known and proven e-wallet services.
However, better-known e-wallets will attract more imitators. Be wary of fake websites by always making sure you have the right URL.
Imitation sites usually trick people with their domain and site appearance so that users log in with their account details.

Fake applications have also slipped into Google Play and App Store to fool investors into logging in with their real account
and unknowingly providing confidential data. Take note of the slight changes between the real and fake sites.
Check the grammar, spelling, or even just the color of the site.
Simple inconsistencies like these can make a big difference in identifying the real from the fake.

5. Pump & Dump Online Groups
The basic premise of the Pump and Dump scheme is to assemble a group of people to buy a product, service or in this case a cryptocurrency.
These people surround it with hype to encourage others to buy or invest and then the founders sell their holdings.
The market drops and people lose their investments.

Pump and Dump groups usually use altcoins with a low market.
The initiators charge a fee for anyone joining the group.
Those who pay more and recruit more to the group get notified sooner of the coin name and the target price.

The price spikes when buyers are willing to pay more for the products; the prices pump and so does the demand for it.
When the coin name drops, the first few who buy the coin at a high rate are the ones who profit the most.
These early buyers get to sell their coins at a higher price due to the demand.
However, the prices fall when latecomers resell their assets only to find a lack of buyers for their higher-priced coins.
Prices will fall and the dump occurs that leads to a great loss for most participants.

6. Hackers & Malware

With a digital nature, no market is more affected by criminals than cryptocurrency.
It’s a rule of thumb when it comes to the internet to never click an unknown email attachment, link or website.
With just a simple press of a button, your money could be stolen and corrupted by dangerous downloads or
programs unknowingly installed in your gadgets.

The road to accessing safe and secure cryptocurrency exchanges is certainly not by entertaining weird links or websites.
When trading or dealing with crypto, exercise extreme caution when installing software, apps and extensions.

How To Avoid These Scams and Safely Trade Cryptocurrency

* Stop and Think

The proposal might be promising but don’t get carried away by the emotions that any salesperson wants you to feel.
Remember that they are telling you these things not because they are necessarily true but because it’s their job to win you over.

Ask yourself questions about the company’s reputation. Who works behind the scenes? Are they transparent or anonymous about their team? Scammers value their anonymity so if you can’t find anyone from their team or employees, then you should be more wary.
Most importantly, are they registered in any organization or country? All of these questions add to the legitimacy of the company.

* Do your own research

Don’t rely on the information they tell you, instead use that as a basis for your own research.
Do your homework and go through legitimate sites and then compare your research to whatever’s been said to you.
A better alternative is that you seek out your own cryptocurrency or services rather than investing in the ones that come to you.

* Ask Questions

If the companies are legitimate, then most likely they would be willing to give you clear and complete answers.
The enemy of scammers is knowledge and information. The sketchier and dodgier they are about their withdrawal process,
risks, and fees, the more caution you should exert.

Don’t let a scam discourage you from engaging with the ever-evolving industry of cryptocurrency.
It’s true that the market holds great potential but always level your expectations with real risks.
When in doubt, keep in mind the most important rule of investing: don’t invest anything that you can’t afford to lose.

Did you find these tips useful?


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Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Bitcasino — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX — Bitcoin Halving 2020 = Explained

Thu Apr 09, 2020 11:01 am

Hi guys ;)

You might’ve heard it whispered in circles of crypto enthusiasts or posted in tweets of crypto traders.
Bitcoin Halving Day—what is it about?

When Satoshi Nakamoto published their whitepaper in 2009, he made sure that the distribution of bitcoins
will remain liberated from central control. Thus, the reward system through bitcoin mining is devised.
For every block that is added to the blockchain, a certain number of bitcoins is given to the miner in return.

However, as time passes by and more miners pull up with their backhoes, more and more bitcoins are added to the circulation.
If left on its own, this can lead to overproduction and eventually cause inflation.
To prevent this from happening, the number of rewards is cut in half every four years.
Thus, Bitcoin Halving Day is born.

During bitcoin halving day, the reward given to miners for every block they add to the chain is cut in half.
It’s a way to keep its inflation rate in check and to make sure that there won’t be an over influx of bitcoins circulating the market.

This event happens roughly every 4 years.
There’s a lot of room for the growing hype since there is historical data backing up people’s beliefs.
And there is reason to believe that! It’s important to still keep in mind, however, that times change and the factors
that affected the rise in price before may not be present in the future.

What happens in bitcoin halving day

Bitcoin halving slows down the distribution of bitcoins by cutting the reward given to miners in half.
Satoshi Nakamoto included in the protocol that for every 210,000th block added to the blockchain,
the incentive received by miners are reduced. This ensures that the market won’t be flooded by bitcoins
which would have resulted in the devaluation of the digital coin.

Mining is the most profitable way of earning bitcoins and that’s why more and more people are joining
the hype with their specialized machines and extensive knowledge on hashing.
This means that more and more bitcoins are mined and added to the circulation.
If left unchecked, there will be a continuous surge of supply and as a result, bitcoin’s price will drop.

During its early years, the initial reward for miners was 50 BTC.
In 2012, the first halving event happened and the reward for the 210,001th block was reduced to 25 BTC.
While it’s still a relatively huge amount, it’s ensured that there’s a less number of newly minted bitcoin
added to those already circulating in the market.

What’s also included in bitcoin’s protocol is the maximum number of bitcoin can only be mined.
The fixed supply of bitcoin sits at 21,000,000 and right now, roughly 18,000,000 have been mined.

Bitcoin halving ensures that the supply of bitcoin will not run out immediately with more miners joining the fray.
With fewer rewards given to them, fewer bitcoins are added to the circulation, preventing the drop of bitcoin’s value.

Below you’ll see the table for every halving event that has happened and will happen in the future:

Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 10.39.46.png

Since 2009, two halving events have already taken place.
The first one in 2012 saw the reward cut to 25 BTC. After four years, the second halving event happened in 2016.
The reward received by the person who added block number 420,001 to the blockchain was reduced to 12.5 BTC.

Currently, the reward for miners is 12.5 BTC. The next bitcoin halving day is expected to happen this coming May 12, 2020.
After the 630,000th block is added, the reward for the next block will be reduced to 6.25 BTC.

Rewards for miners will continue to be halved every four years until all 21,000,000 BTC have been mined.
Fortunately for miners, this won’t happen until the next hundred or so years, specifically in the year 2140 when 0 BTC is left to be mined.

Why does bitcoin need to be cut in half?

The answer is simple. It follows the law of supply and demand.

Imagine if new bitcoins are continuously added to the circulation every time a miner verifies a block.
It would be a never-ending stream of production and since there’s an abundant number of bitcoins in the market, its demand would drop.
Soon enough, the purchasing power of the digital coin will drop as well and its value will go lower.

This is the problem in the present monetary system that bitcoin solves.
In fiat currencies, central banks can print as much money they want and increase the flow of currencies in circulation.
Since there is an unlimited source of money, the demand and value drops with every new printing. As a result, the inflation rate balloons.

On the other hand, bitcoin has a fixed number of supply that cannot be changed.
There can only be 21,000,000 bitcoins in existence and once they are all mined, that’s all there is to it.
Miners will have to rely on other incentives such as transaction fees as reward when they verify blocks.

In this sense, bitcoin is comparable to gold in the sense that it cannot be created again once all of it is mined.
Its limited supply ensures that it is always scarce and its value is always kept in check.

In a nutshell, bitcoin halving is necessary because it keeps inflation in check and it ensures that
there won’t be an oversaturation of bitcoin in the market, causing its value to drop.

The effects of bitcoin halving day

Miners are mainly the most affected ones after halving day occurs.
And naturally so, since their ‘income’ is cut in half.
Take into consideration the fact that they have to compete with every other miner in the network to get their reward,
halving day really seems to be bad news for miners.

Both halving days in 2012 and 2016 saw a considerable drop in the number of miners who participate in the bitcoin network.
After several months, the numbers managed to pick up and even doubled after the initial drops.

Effects in Price

So how does halving day affect the price of the world’s best digital coin?
Does it increase or does it drop? What can you expect on this year’s halving day? Find all your answers here.

When bitcoin first halved in 2012, no drastic change was observed right away in regards to its price.
It sat at $12 during the first halving in 2012. A year later, however, bitcoin’s price skyrocketed to a staggering price of $1,038,
the highest price it reached during that time. It considerably dropped to $220 after a few months.

On the second halving day in 2016, people were anticipating the rise in price.
So they bought more bitcoins and the span of one month before halving, bitcoin’s price climbed from $576 to $650.
It just goes to show that there really is a hype towards this much-anticipated event for bitcoin holders.
Fortunately for all enthusiasts at that time, bitcoin’s price did increase. After 150 days, its price sat at $758.

All of that is nice and all but what’s most intriguing is bitcoin’s price after a year has passed.
At the 2012 halving, it climbed to $1,038 with an increasing percentage of 9,336.36%.
A year after the 2016 halving, its price climbed to $2,526 with an increasing percentage of 288.60%.

There’s not much change in the subsequent days that followed the halving event.
People are leaning more on the long-term effect since based on the earlier instances, they are hoping that
the bullish run will happen again after this year’s halving event.

Bitcoin has gone through various phases and has received mixed reactions from people.
But no matter the negative reaction, it keeps proving itself as the future of money.

What are your thoughts about the bitcoin halving day?


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Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Bitcasino — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX — Hunt eggs & WIN prizes

Fri Apr 10, 2020 10:15 am

Happy Easter! 8-)

Start hunting eggs to get awesome mystery prizes.

How does it work?

* Log into your Bitcasino account.
* Play your favourite games and earn 1 Lucky Egg per day.
* Earn a maximum of 3 Lucky Eggs per day.

Once you’ve made your wager, visit our main page.
In the bottom corner, you’ll see your golden egg. Click on it and watch what prize you get.

All the terms and conditions can be found on our Promotions page.

Happy hunting! ;)

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Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX — 4 TIPS for successful gambling

Mon Apr 13, 2020 1:18 pm

Hi everybody ;)

There are no shortcuts to gambling success whether that involves staking with crypto or fiat.

But there are some simple tips that you can follow that will at least manage your bankroll effectively and
give you the best possible chance of succeeding.

Do you want to know these tips?

Here you go!

Tip 1: Learn the ropes

If you are a complete newcomer to online gambling with bitcoin, then it is essential that you take the time
to get to know the various games before you dip into your BTC stash and play for real.

One of the benefits of playing at Bitcasino is that you can try all of our games for free
before you part with any of your crypto wallet. There is no better way to get up to speed with the
unique machinations of crypto gambling than this sort of “try before you buy” approach!


Tip 2: Manage your risk

Like the value of the currencies themselves, bitcoin gambling is by its very nature a volatile pastime
where your wallet’s contents are at stake. An appreciation of the risk, and how to manage it, is key.
One of the old adages about crypto trading is that you should “never invest more than you are willing to lose”,
and this rings true for crypto gambling as well.

As you are probably aware, an online bitcoin casino has a “house edge” that varies from game to game,
and this dictates that in the long run, you will theoretically lose money – it’s an unavoidable fact.

However, that’s not to say that you won’t “win” in a particular session or two, and that’s where applying sensible tactics
in your bitcoin roulette gaming – and adopting basic baccarat strategies – gives you the best possible chance of success.
Managing your risk at the crypto casino is key to a long and successful run at the tables.

Tip 3: Know your enemy

You might think that when playing bitcoin slots, the basic concept is simple:
you select your stake size, hit the spin button, and hope for the best.
There’s an element of truth to that, of course, but in reality, there’s a lot more going on with these
online slot games than you might otherwise think.

Powered by a complex algorithm, each slot has a Return to Player (RTP) rate built into it,
and it is this that enables players to play in exactly the kind of environment they want.

Low-RTP slots are highly volatile games where players can expect not to win all that often,
but when you do manage to secure a winning spin, the payout tends to be a lot higher.

In contrast, high-RTP slots are those where wins are far more commonplace, but the downside is that
they tend to lack the scale of the payouts on offer in high-volatility games.

Here at Bitcasino, we offer full technical specs of each of our slots, so you can find out whether they are
high or low RTP before you start spinning the reels.

Tip 4: Be disciplined

Knowing how to play bitcoin poker and other casino games is one thing,
but knowing when to play them is quite another altogether.

There are times in life when our decision-making skills are impaired.
We may be tired after a long week in the office, we might be sad or angry after an argument with a loved one,
or we may be feeling worse for wear after enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two.

These are scenarios in which you should put down the laptop, phone or tablet and walk away –
crypto gambling in these moods is never a good idea, as our basic cognitive skills in managing risk and staking sensibly are impaired.

Of course, there’s the “bad beat” scenario too.
You may be playing bitcoin blackjack, roulette or any of our Ethereum casino games and suffer a tough loss
to take courtesy of the dealer – you know the ones. Guess what happens when you suffer a bad beat?
Once again, logic gets thrown out of the window and rationality is impaired, and many players will stake more
on their next turn or go all-in.


Knowing when you have lost control is crucial to long-term successful gambling.
One session of madness can bring your bankroll to its knees, so if you find yourself in a situation where your discipline has gone,
then step away from the casino until you are back on a level plain.

Here at Bitcasino, we are keen advocates of a safe and responsible gaming environment,
and we want all of our players to have the best chance of enjoying bitcoin casino games at their own leisure.

Follow the tips outlined here and you won’t go far wrong!


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX — Effective strategies in crypto investing

Tue Apr 14, 2020 10:32 am

Hello! ;)

Cryptocurrency is a good way to increase your investments despite how many people shy away from
plunging into the crypto sphere due to its complicated technology.


If you want to get started in investing in cryptocurrencies, we have a thorough article in our blog about it.
Bur here’s also a short overview with few tips to get you started.

1. Do your research

Digital assets are not like your normal money investments.
Before investing, you must first decide which coin you want to use and the technology behind it.
Having a deep understanding of the coin you want to use and grow will give you a strong grasp on where you want your investment to go.

2. Try Different Crypto Coins

A diverse set of crypto coins is a good idea to balance your investments.
Ideally, you should purchase different coins to see which one is the most suitable for long-term investments.
You also have to see which coin is the most functional and how best it can cater to your daily needs.

3. Look for a Reliable Wallet You Can Use

A tool you need before delving into the crypto sphere is a wallet.
Crypto wallets are like bank accounts. They enable you to send and receive crypto coins from one wallet to another.
These wallets are protected by a private key that allows you to activate your funds.
There are hardware wallets, software wallets, and paper wallets with their own level of protection,
which is why you need to pick the best one that will suit your needs.

* Hardware Wallets - come in the form of a small device that looks like a USB.
This type of wallet can be connected to your devices like laptops, tablets, or phones if you want to make a transaction.
This is also considered the safest wallets for cryptos because it’s not connected to the internet, making it hard for breaches
to get a hold of your investments.

* Software Wallets - storage that you can download on your device.
Software wallets are nifty if you’re a person who likes to use digital coins to purchase, pay bills, or send money.
Since it’s installed on your phone, accessing your funds is easy.
The only thing you need to be wary about in software wallets is that they are always connected to the internet,
so make sure you use a safe and encrypted internet.

* Paper Wallets - an offline storage where your private keys are printed.
To activate your funds using this wallet, you have to print the paper and allow a wallet generator to scan your keys.
The only drawback of using a paper wallet is you can easily damage and misplace it.
That’s why it's advisable to keep it in a safe place with protective coverings.

4. Try Crypto Debit Cards

A nifty tip you can do if you use your cryptos on a daily basis is to get a crypto debit card.
Getting these reliable cards will make accessing your crypto funds easier, especially when you use them paying items and services.

Crypto debit cards are no different than your regular ATM card.
Most of them are issued by credit card companies like Visa, Mastercard, and Megalink.

Here are a few crypto debit cards you can try:

CoinsBank - features four different types of debit cards comprising various features and fees.
Having this card allows you to have your cryptos converted into various currencies like US dollars and Great Britain Pounds.

Shift Card - powered by Visa and enables you to access your Coinbase account if you want to use your funds.
Shift cards can be used online and offline.

Uquid - can be used across various currencies. You can access GBP, EUR, and USD.

Coinizy - a virtual Visa card that you can access using Paypal or online.
All you have to do is obtain a card and load your crypto coins in it.

Things to keep in mind before investing in cryptocurrencies

* Always check the transactions you make

It’s easy to send your crypto funds by mistake if you’re not careful.
That’s why it’s important that you double-check every transaction you make using your coins, especially when you’re purchasing something online.

* Check the markets

Cryptocurrency is also susceptible to changes in value.
Always remember that the price of cryptocurrencies cannot be determined by rules, theory, or any government intervention.
The supply of these coins is solely determined by supply and demand, so don’t be surprised if you see the value of your coins
at an extreme high or low. The best strategy for this is to buy coins when the prices are low then sell them once the prices are high.

* Secure your wallet and private key

Always make sure that your funds are secured by activating 2FA and backing up your wallet.
Be mindful of the sites you visit because you can easily fall prey to online threats like phishers and hackers.

How to secure your crypto investments

Always secure your device
Make sure that the devices you’re using contain updated antivirus and firewalls.
Another thing you should remember is to avoid downloading sketchy files and apps that could give your devices malware.

Create a unique password
One way to protect your crypto investments is to create a unique private key that will be difficult to crack.
The best way to do this is to combine lowercase and uppercase letters. It will also be helpful if you add numbers, characters, and symbols.

Limit usage of public wifi
Using public wifi is risky because it's unprotected. It can direct the browser you’re using to a page that can replicate your exchange or wallet.
Once this happens, it can access the information on your wallet along with your password.
The best way to counter hacks like this is to secure your browser by using a VPN or don’t connect your device using a public hotspot.

Invest in a hard wallet
The safest place to store your crypto funds is by using a hard wallet.
Since this wallet is not connected to the internet, it will be difficult for hackers to get hold of your assets.
If you’re using crypto for payments, just allot a budget that you can keep in your wallet.
That way, all your credit funds are secured and well-budgeted.

Be wary of phishers
Phishers are very common in hacking crypto addresses.
One of the most common scams these phishers are doing is creating a fake web wallet and using it to mail links to crypto users.
The emails they send are usually convincing and lures investors to log in with their information.
To spot these phishers, always verify if the link displayed on your browser matches the one in your exchange wallet.

Don’t store your funds in one wallet
One of the best strategies to protect your funds is keeping them in separate wallets.
Divide your funds and assign them in different wallets so you can avoid spending them all.
Always keep two wallets where you can store your funds for investment and for daily expenses.

Cryptocurrency has the power to change the world and launch a revolution
that can change the traditional banking system as we know it.
With its ability to make everything swift and seamless for people,
the medieval financial system we are used to might be replaced and improved for the better.

To fully benefit from these promises of digital assets, you have to do your part by being responsible
and gathering enough information before delving into the world of virtual currencies.

Don't forget you can read the full article in blog.

Cheers :)

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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX - XRP — Ripple is now live!

Thu Apr 16, 2020 9:55 am

Hi everybody 8-)

Ripple is ON!

From now on, you can also deposit, wager and withdraw with XRP on Bitcasino.
Try this awesome cryptocurrency to enjoy our wide range of games.

What are the benefits of XRP?

Many players are shifting to playing with Ripple because of the many advantages:

1. Low Fees
2. Conversion
3. Fast Transaction
4. Anonymity
5. Secure

Want to try it out?

We have a XRP promotion on our site where you can win free spins.

Take a look at it here:

How about you, will you try it?


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX - XRP — 5 types of Bitcoin

Mon Apr 20, 2020 11:10 am

Hi everybody :)

You all know that Bitcoin was a starter of all cryptocurrencies.
Its evolution through the years is outstanding and continues to this day.

But do you know that the original Bitcoin has branched to different kinds of Bitcoin, classified as hard forks?
These are similar to bitcoin, but they use different mining systems and prioritize other goals to make an upgraded Bitcoin.

Hard forks under bitcoin are listed as:

* Bitcoin Cash
* Bitcoin SV
* Bitcoin Gold
* Bitcoin Diamond

These bitcoins were able to make their mark in the cryptocurrency market in their own unique way.
Learn more about each kind of bitcoin, so you can decide which one you would want to invest into.

Read the full article in our blog but here's also a quick overview.

1. The Original Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin Core (BTC) is the mother model for altcoins and bitcoins made from the fork of its blockchains.
By 2020, it’s been predicted that Bitcoin will grow significantly during the latter part of the year.

The main features of Bitcoin is its user anonymity and blockchain-based system.
You can send money across the world with your identity concealed in transactions at a minimal cost.
The blockchain has strong security features, making it incredibly difficult for anyone to have access except the people engaged in the transaction.
It can also process transactions much faster compared to fiat currencies.

Due to its features, Bitcoin has been adopted as an official currency in some countries around the world because of its stability over the years.
It remains one of the most stable cryptocurrencies due to its mining process that makes sure every transaction is quick and secure.

2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin developers wanted to make big changes in Bitcoin to further improve its performance.
They decided to make a branch of it, resulting in Bitcoin Cash’s creation.

The important features it has compared to Bitcoin is that its transaction fees are slightly cheaper.
Its scalability allows it to be faster and make more transactions per second like Bitcoin can.
This coincides with its goal of fixing the scalability issue bitcoin has faced throughout the years.
Although it performs the same as Bitcoin, it is still relatively new compared to its predecessor.
However, it’s possible it can reach up to the same status as Bitcoin due to its advanced scalability.

3. Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Craig Wright created a hard fork called Bitcoin SV from the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.
Modeled after the original bitcoin, Bitcoin SV aims to continue the legacy by following what’s written in Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper
on a ‘A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’. This is why its name is Bitcoin SV, which stands for Bitcoin: Satoshi Vision.

Bitcoin SV aims to fulfill its vision by accomplishing the four main ‘S’ fundamental pillars:

+ Security
+ Safe and Quick Transactions
+ Stability
+ Scalability.

Another goal it has is to continue the plans of Bitcoin by replacing all payment systems around the world.
They are doing this by providing cheaper rates, secure bitcoins, and an overall excellent user experience.

Its block size has reached 128MB, which allows it to perform more transactions per second.
The blockchain protocols are similar to BTC and BCH, however, miners have the option to join a mining pool called SVPool to promote BSV.

4. Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Bitcoin Gold was founded in 2017 by an international team spearheaded by Jack Liao.
The goal was to maintain bitcoin’s decentralization and reformat the mining system for Bitcoin blockchains, so anyone can have access to it.

It costs a lot to become a Bitcoin miner and you usually have to specialize in the area to join.
They wanted to change this by making mining accessible to everyone.

Instead of using the ASICs from Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, BTG uses GPUs that allow anyone to mine rewards.
Developers noticed how Bitcoin limits the number of people who can mine the blockchains, so they made it available for a broader audience to join. They also changed the mining algorithm from the usual SHA-256 to Equihash.

5. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

Team Evey and Team 007 were Bitcoin miners who wanted to put a different spin in bitcoin.
It was originally called Bitcoin Core, but they weren’t satisfied with the results.
They improved its network protocol to create Bitcoin Diamond.

Changes started when the team made bigger blocks to ensure more transactions and high-speed exchange time.
There is an abundant supply of BCD worth around 210 million coins. Developers continue to aim for a larger amount
while maintaining the affordability of each coin.

Similar to BTG, it uses GPUs as an easier way to mine for anyone who wants to join.
It removes the exclusive aspect to mining from Bitcoin and attracts a wider audience to be involved in the network.

Every hard fork derived from Bitcoin Core (BTC) has its own perks because they all share the same goal in improving what Bitcoin has for years.
Now you can make easier transactions and manage your bitcoins well by choosing the bitcoin that suits your needs.

You can read the full article on how to buy, sell or trade your bitcoins and where to store them in our blog:

Cheers ;)

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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX - XRP — Ripple 101

Tue Apr 21, 2020 1:15 pm

Welcome to Ripple 101 ;)

Everything you want to and should know about this great crypto.
So, let’s take the ride!

What's the Ripple rundown?

Ripple (XRP) has a few more pieces to the puzzle than it's crypto counterparts.
Founded in 2012, the company (Ripple Labs) splits itself into two groovy subdivisions.
That being Ripple the platform and Ripple the currency, known as XRP.
One and the same but with distinctive possibilities. The plot thickens further with RippleNet,
the penultimate platform that allows you to create your own crypto coins from scratch.

Let's talk RippleNet!

RippleNet is a network. A digital transfer network geared to companies in and around finance, like banks.
They jump onto RippleNet and use it and its products to send and receive money globally.
It allows international transfers to become seamless, fast and insanely cost-effective.
You can use any currency from anywhere around the world to make sure that your money
hits the receiving party in the shortest possible time frame.

Enter XRP!

Fall further down the Ripple rabbit hole and you'll start to realize there's a lot going down.
Enter XRP. The official token and value indicator in the Ripple network.
This shapeshifting token can take on any currency form it likes when transferring through RippleNet.

So, say you're moving Dollars to Euros.
XRP will mirror itself into the transaction as either Dollars to Dollars or Euros to Euros,
immediately killing dead any commission, service charge or rate fluctuations you might have faced.
In short? Use this token and get your transfer sent/received warp speed fast, at the touch of a button
and practically free of charge ($0.00001 service charge). A case example of riding the digital wave to the fullest.

Let's break here for just a second and dig into the advantages of using Ripple as your coin of choice when you visit Bitcasino.

Fast doesn't quite cut it:
The payments that move across the Ripple ledger clock in at 4 seconds.
Another way of saying it is that in the seconds it took me to put this sentence down,
Ripple just bulleted from Toronto to Timbuktu and back again.

The skies the limit:
The protocol gets bigger in relation to the volume of people who adopt it.
Currently, it handles 1500 transactions per second (yes, per second) around the clock, 7 days a week,
but in time can scale itself way up to handle throughput the likes of mega titans Visa and Mastercard.

Distributed to the stars and back:
Ripple, in essence, is open source technology founded on the principles of Blockchain, meaning we can all use it, anywhere,
any time and from every corner of the globe, whilst remaining totally anonymous and not having to pay for it.
Viva the future!

It's on it's way to mainstream adoption:
With a seven-year track record and a wide range of stable technological innovations under its belt,
Ripple is fully ready to be adopted into mainstream fintech as we know it.
Bringing on the future and becoming the new decentralised payment protocols with all the perks we could possibly hope for.

So, with the above taken into account, it's time to get your hands on some XRP and,
what better place to keep your coin safe than some of the leading crypto wallets on the market today.

Finding you the perfect Ripple wallet!

The types of wallets:

Web Wallets: These "hot" wallets are always connected to the internet and can be accessed through a browser.

Mobile Wallets: Apps that can be used on your smartphone. Most have QR codes imprinted letting you make instant transactions in crypto.

Desktop Wallets: Installable software packs that you would download and access straight from your desktop.

Hardware Wallets: A USB looking, handheld wallet that stores your coins off-site.
Connect to your PC when you want to access your account.
But, for the sake of simplicity, we are going to focus on two. That being the Desktop version and the Mobile version.

Atomic Wallet (Desktop Wallet):
One of the most trusted wallets on the market today.
A multi-currency wallet that in addition to XRP, stores 300+ other crypto coins and tokens.

XRP exchanges to get you started!

If you are new to the world of crypto exchanges,
the general rule of thumb is to make sure the sites you visit are tried, tested and trusted.

Here are two of the best on the market today.
A globally trusted crypto exchange platform. These guys accept multiple currencies and deposit types from most corners
of the globe and, with a site interface that easy to grasp, it's a great starting point for beginners and a firm favourite
for seasoned crypto-traders.

A secure online platform for buying, selling and transferring digital currencies, including.
You guessed it. XRP! Having been around since 2011, their trading track record speaks for itself.

You can read the full article on our blog:

Karl :)

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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX - XRP — Why to join our Loyalty Club

Wed Apr 22, 2020 1:23 pm

Hi guys 8-)

Your Loyalty Club has been up and running for 6 months now.
In the spirit of Fun, Fast and Fair, we wanted to share with you what's gone down to date.

Total Free Spins to Date: 54,724
Total rewards paid out to date: €2,585,546

You told us what you wanted to see more of and we heard you loud and clear.
Needless to say, we’ve been hard at work improving, tweaking and refining your Loyalty Club to make it the best gaming experience.
So, here’s what we’ve done in terms of improvements.

I need a Hero


What was once VIP is now dubbed HERO level. Different names sure, but all the same great perks that come with the title.
So, to recap, these are our seven legendary levels, including HERO league.

Fresh out the gate. It’s time to take your game to the next level (literally!)
0-4 points will get you to the land of Loyalty.
Watch out for upcoming milestones.

You’re in the game and racking up some good point scores.
5 - 3,749 points will help you level up.
You gain 1 milestone reward at this level.

Your gameplay is picking up nicely.
3,750 - 29,999 points will kick your game into overdrive.
You gain 3 milestone rewards at this level.

The title says it all. You are fast becoming the embodiment of awesomeness.
30,000 - 249,999 points will take you to where you’re going.
You gain 4 milestone rewards at this level.

Bow down to the almighty grand don of gaming excellence.
250,000 - 749,999 points will take you to the promised land.
You gain 5 milestone rewards at this level.

You have reached the hall of titans and you have destiny on your side.
750,000 - 3,749,999 points will let you conquer.
You gain 9 milestone rewards at this level.

Harness a month of total immortality.
375,0000 points got you here and now it’s time to make the most of being the best.
You can gain unlimited milestone rewards.

Rebates are out. Cash is In!

Our players went to the poll recently and the results are in. The long and the short of it? “We want cashback!” is the chant of the day.
If you, our superstar loyalty legend don’t see the same value in a rebate reward, as you would with say…
A COOL CASHBACK REWARD (cue dramatic music), then we’re right behind you! With that being said, now you can either claim free spins
and free chips OR, snatch up a cashback reward for your gameplay.

This is entirely dependent on your playing style and gameplay.
If you are the type of player who gets your kicks from bigger bets, then we, in turn,
will come to the table and mirror your playing style with various free spins.

If you are more the type of player who values long haul gameplay and utilizes lower spin values,
then we’ll provide you with the stuff you need to succeed, i.e more free spins or a super cool cashback.

At the end of the day it comes down to your playing preferences and we want to make sure that you always have the option
to pick and choose your reward. And let’s face facts. The incentives for logging in and playing are many and varied.
Which brings me to our next point.

Even more milestones

A Loyalty program without mega milestones is like a reel without cherries and, if we weren't working around the clock to make your
Bitcasino Loyalty Club the best in the industry, we would be throwing buzzwords out to the wind (and no one wants that).
So, to cement our promise and keep the rewards flowing, we’re adding MORE MILESTONES to our 7 existing levels.

How to unlock milestones

Every time you reach a new milestone you get a reward.
Each reward that you unlock is personalized and specific to your gameplay.

The size of the reward depends on two things:

* Whether you have been winning or losing.
* What Loyalty Level you are currently sitting on.

If you've recently been going through an unlucky streak, then the rewards that you do unlock will be bigger
(to compensate for a potential unlucky streak).

If you are on fire and winning up a storm, not to worry, you will never be penalized for being top of your game.
The rewards will continue flowing as they usually do and you will be able to claim your free spins and cashback as you go.

One last thing...

You’ve got games that bring home the magic. Games that give you that get up and go and dish out the good stuff time and again.
So, it’s only right that these should take center stage in your gaming journey.

When you unlock a milestone, the Free Spins you tap into will depend entirely on your own personal gameplay.
For instance: The game you visit regularly will be the one where we send free spins to. It’s obviously your favorite.
So it only makes sense. Right?

We also look at the most similar onsite games and give you an offer on those as well.
Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new go-to game.

This is how we are able to provide a fair and incentivized gameplay on good days and not so good alike.
Consistency is key and we’ve built the Bitcasino brand by making sure you get the ultimate best of
online gaming whenever you log on and however you play, with no wagering requirements.
This is our promise to you.

So as we recap all we’ve gone through above, we want to drive home our promise to you.
This is what makes us get out of bed in the morning and do our best to bring you joy.

What you get from us

You will always know where you stand with us and if there is ever anything you are unclear about,
our support team is ready and waiting to live chat with you.

We bring our players the best gaming experiences from every corner of the globe,
which is why we use only the top gaming providers.

Whether you’re on a roll or coming up strong our Loyalty Club sees to it that you’re always rewarded
for your gameplay, with no wagering requirement and in the quickest turnaround time possible.

If you are not a member yet, it’s worth stepping in and start climbing these stairs.

See you at the club! :arrow:

Cheers ;)

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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX - XRP — Earn 2 sets of FREE SPINS

Fri Apr 24, 2020 10:15 am

🐯 Bring out your inner tiger and WIN FREE SPINS!

How to earn 2 sets of free spins:

* Wager 50 mBTC on 9 Tigers and get 20 Free Spins to use in Larry the Leprechaun
* Wager 50 mBTC on any Wazdan slot and get 20 Free Spins to use in 9 Tigers

To use this offer:

1. Switch your balance currency to mBTC.
2. Enable the reward called XXX in the "Rewards" section of the site.
3. Wager at least 50 mBTC.

Before you start playing, make sure to click the OPT-IN button.

Please see the terms and conditions on the promotion page:

Good luck 😉

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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX - XRP — Why is 2FA so important?

Mon Apr 27, 2020 2:08 pm

Hi everybody :)

We all know how important internet security is these days.
Here at Bitcasino, we are determined to keep our players and their account information safe and secure.

That’s why we provide a two-factor authentication (2FA) option for you,
using the industry-leading app that is Google Authenticator.

If you’d like to find out more, then don’t hesitate to read on.

What is 2FA?

2FA is a sub-strand of multi-factor authentication, in which a user is only granted access to a website or account after
successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence – known as factors – that confirm their identity.

There are four main types of authenticating factors:

* Something that is known only to the user – passwords, PINs, etc.
* Possessions only the user has – keys, USB sticks, cards, etc.
* A physical characteristic of the user – biometrics, fingerprints, etc.
* The location of the user – GPS tracking, etc.

The most common application of 2FA is in the use of protecting users’ accounts, such as those that you set up at Bitcasino.
In this way, you are guaranteed extra security, and it makes it almost impossible for hackers and fraudsters to access your
personal and financial information.

Online, the most common form of 2FA is two layers of password entry.
You may enter a user name and a password that are already known to you, and then the merchant may send you a
secondary password via text message or email to enter as well. This is two-factor authentication in its most basic form.

What two-factor authentication does is to help protect against ransomware attacks,
which account for a large percentage of cybercrime revenue. There really is no reason to take a chance –
only sign up for websites and casinos where 2FA can be implemented at your request.

Why is 2FA so important?

2FA makes your accounts significantly more secure.
You may have your bank card stolen, and while it is essentially useless without a pin, all your personal information
that is printed on the card is at risk. We’ll save the debate on contactless cards for another day,
but this simple example just goes to show how vulnerable your personal security is when you stick to traditional payment methods.

It’s the same with an online account – your user name and/or password may be compromised by hackers.
Without this second string of 2FA authentication information, however, they cannot steal your identity or spend your money.

With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, however, your personal information stays secure and anonymous at every stage of the transaction.
Bitcoin uses blockchain technology, a decentralised system, none of your information is held on a single server which could be hacked.
Because each “block” in the blockchain is encrypted, this makes it virtually impossible to hack.
What with the added level of 2FA security, your funds and personal information are totally secure.


The advantages of 2FA

It goes without saying that the main advantage of 2FA is security. Even if your online credentials are vulnerable,
you still have your secondary layer – usually a mobile phone – secure in your presence.

Another advantage leads on from that, with many of us carrying our smartphones with us somewhere in the region of 24/7!
If you are ever asked to action a 2FA request, then you will never be scrabbling around for your phone
because it is likely to be about your person.

The main point about 2FA is that you can ensure that your funds are totally secure without having to change your lifestyle.
What is more, as technology continues to become even more versatile, we will be able to use even more factors in our authentication,
from GPS and speedometers to voice recognition software. This will help to make authentication even more personal to the user.

Why we recommend Google Authenticator

Here at Bitcasino, our mission is to protect you from potential hacking and data theft.
This is not just about the funds in your player account – it’s about your personal identity details and
your financial information, which may include bank card/account data.

One minute, you can be playing your favorite blackjack games and then – whoosh – your world is turned upside down.

We don’t cut any corners when it comes to securing our players’ accounts, and only the best will do as far as internet security is concerned.
That’s why we have always used Google Authenticator.

This is a dedicated 2FA app from Google, and the difference here is that rather than receiving text messages sent to your phone
that contain sensitive information, all of the authenticating data is kept within the app.

What happens is that you have a security code displayed in the app, but this is only there on a time limit,
and soon your code will be changed for a new one. This is called a “One Time Password Algorithm”,
and every time you log into the site, you will need to input your updated six-digit code.

Basically, it’s the perfect way to get a new security password without having to think of one at random by yourself.
The fact that it’s forever changing, cutting hackers off at the pass, is a godsend.


Activating 2FA at Bitcasino

Google Authenticator is available for both iOS and Android devices,
so no matter how you choose to play your favorite slots and casino games, you can be doubly secure.

How do you set up Google Authenticator in conjunction with your Bitcasino account?

1. Firstly, you need to head to your dashboard. Here, you should go to the settings menu, and then navigate to security.

2. Now, scan the QR code using your smartphone, before opening up the Google Authenticator app on your device.

3. Click the + button, and you should now be able to add your Bitcasino account to your menu.

Once enabled, you will be asked to complete the two-factor authentication process each and every time
you log in or wish to make a withdrawal, helping to keep you even more secure online.

Google Authenticator is even good for fighting against those who try to use the account recovery option to access your login credentials.
By using the app, you will have a QR code or a reference number that is unique to you.

With Bitcasino, you can play with the confidence that comes with knowing that all of your personal information
is kept safe by the latest in online security measures.

You should note that 2FA is optional – you don’t have to set it up if you don’t want to.
However, we implore you to consider the options provided by Google Authenticator.

Together, we can make Bitcasino a highly secure online casino, where the emphasis is on fun and not fear.

Happy gaming! ;)

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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX - XRP — 500 free spins up for grabs

Tue Apr 28, 2020 10:58 am

🐯 Get these tigers roaring again

Take part in our 9 Tigers Tournament and collect up to 500 free spins!

How to participate:

1. Log into your Bitcasino account
2. Click the OPT-IN button on the promotion page
3. Play any slot by Wazden
4. Collect points and climb the leaderboard
5. Win up to 500 free spins

Tournament runs until May 4.
Ready, set, GO =

Have a roarsome gaming 🐯


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — 5 crypto investment tips that will change your life

Wed Apr 29, 2020 12:15 pm

Hi there ;)

Have you been thinking about investing in cryptocurrency?
But all this seems so complicated, right?
Well, I am here to share with you some useful tips, how to start with crypto investments.

Similar to other markets, it’s hard to predict how the movement of prices will go in the cryptocurrency market.
As a precaution to this uncertainty, it’s safe to say that when buying cryptocurrencies,
you should only invest money that you are willing to lose.


One of the most important things to do is to research cryptocurrencies. You don’t have to delve into the intricacies of the industry for this.
What’s important is that you understand the underlying technology that makes the system work.

* Whitepaper

To get a better understanding of the coin you’re planning to invest in, you can check its published whitepaper.
They’re all available online for free, so check them out.
The whitepaper explains what the project is all about including its vision and solution to real-world problems.

* Market Capitalization

This gives you an idea of how many people are using it and if more coins are added to the circulation after transactions are verified.
More coins in circulation mean more verified transactions. If people and businesses are confident enough in using this coin
in their everyday transactions, then it’s a good sign.

* Utility

Right now, there are more than a thousand altcoins in the market.
Each coin is different in one way or another as long as they follow the fundamentals of a decentralized coin that is not governed
by any central authority and is kept in a public ledger.

Each coin serves a different purpose and you have to understand the utility it’s offering to the system.
Examples of coins with specific utilities are Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP).
Ethereum introduced the idea of Smart Contracts where not only currencies are verified in the decentralized blockchain
but also other assets such as services and products. Ripple, on the other hand, focuses on elevating the Jurassic banking system
into a modernized position to keep up with the times.


When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, the general public tends to invest solely in bitcoin.
While that’s good and all, there’s another opportunity for growth in other coins. Investing in more than one coin increases your
chances of having more return. Additionally, it’s a savvy move to invest while the prices of altcoins are still low.

* Altcoins

There are plenty of other coins with huge potential that are waiting for their deciding bull run just like how bitcoin had its own in 2017.
Research is key! There are plenty of options waiting for you in the crypto market. Who knows? Your next coin could skyrocket.

* Starting Small

Once you’ve decided which coins to put your money into, you can now proceed to buy them.
You can do this in exchange sites where your fiat money is exchanged into your desired coin.

How much should you spend on your investment? Test the waters first and start small with a few coins here and there.
Once you’ve got the hang of it or you’re satisfied with how things are progressing, you can slot in more bucks and increase your investment.
Again, you should consider the volatility of the crypto market.
It’s better to be cautious with your money so start small and wait patiently for its price to increase.


Once all that is settled, it’s time to make sure that your investments are secured and padlocked in safe wallets.

Hot Wallets vs Cold Wallets

Hot wallets are the ones that are accessible through the Internet. This is the more common option because it
offers easy access to your coins where you can instantly transfer them after making an exchange.
If you plan on using your coins for everyday transactions, this option is recommended.

This does come with a risk though. Hot wallets are linked to the internet and as with all things that are connected to the Internet
(except the blockchain), it can still be prone to hacks. Note that hot wallets are third-party apps that are independent of the
blockchain which means you should choose them wisely.

For a more cautious person, a cold wallet is the only way to go. It comes as a hardware device like a flash drive.
This means it’s not on the internet and is immune to cyber-attacks. A cold wallet provides the highest level of security for your coins
and it makes sure that only you have access to your private keys.

The only downside is it’s not as accessible compared to hot wallets.
Overall, however, it still provides high security that would make you sleep peacefully at night without worrying over your digital investments.


Since the crypto market is highly volatile where prices can change in a matter of seconds,
it is of utmost importance that you keep track of how your coins are doing in terms of price.
Luckily, there are mobile apps that aid you in checking your investments wherever you are and whenever you want.

The most popular option is Blockfolio. It has a useful option where you can be alerted when a coin reaches a certain price.
This way, you won’t even have to check every minute. Blockfolio offers a wide array of features such as a news feed to keep you up to date.
Delta is a faster option. Compared to Blockfolio, it updates the prices faster and more accurately as well.
However, it doesn’t offer the diverse features that the latter has.


If you’re looking for instant returns, then go ahead and sell your coins.
If you’re looking forward to seeing where the market may go, hold onto your coins first and see what happens.
The temptation to make short-term gains with digital coins is always there especially during a bull run because you
never know how long it’s going to last. People find it easier to exit once their investment reaches the price they want and that’s okay, too.

Growing with the market

There are a lot of things to consider before getting your feet wet and diving into the world of crypto investments.
The most important thing to consider is whether you’re 100% ready to battle the tides of the market.
Hopefully, this list helped you in your preparations. Now, you’re prepared to ride the waves of the investment world.

Cheers :)

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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am

Bitcasino — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX — CRYPTO vs COVID-19

Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:18 am

Hey there ;)

The last few months have been challenging for all of us.
This situation has taught us that our world is bigger than any individual one of us.
We have to give an effort together to see to it that our planet keeps turning and thriving for generations to come.

Our aim is to reach out to the world and bring a bit of joy :) into this situation while we’re at it.

So here’s your chance to make an effort.
You can donate your unused loyalty points to several charities working on helping those affected by COVID-19.

How to join the cause

Your unused Loyalty rewards get reset at the end of each month.
Instead of letting them fall away, donate them to #cryptoCOVID19 who will distribute the proceeds to different charities.

Together we can start to halt the spread and get things back to normal.

So what’s next?

Go to our CRYPTO vs COVID-19 page under promotions and click the opt-in button.
On May 1, 2020, all your unused loyalty points from April will be collected and donated automatically.

Let’s change the world. One loyalty point at the time.

Take on #cryptoCOVID19 together!



Hey! :)

Today is the final day you can make your mark in the Crypto vs Covid-19 campaign.

Your Loyalty rewards get reset at the end of each month.
Don’t just let them fall away - donate them to #cryptoCOVID19 who will distribute the proceeds to different charities.
And when you help, we’ll match any amount you donate.

Together we can get things back to normal.

You can make your effort here:


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am

Bitcasino — BTC - ETH - LTC - TRX - XRP — Tether is now in Bitcasino

Mon May 04, 2020 12:58 pm

And good news again 8-)

We are happy to announce that Tether USDT as the fourth most powerful global cryptocurrency
has been added to Bitcasino gaming platform.

Here’s is everything you should now about it.

What is Tether USDT?

Tether is one of many block chain based cryptocurrencies out on the market today, but with two very big differences.
* Tether is a Stable Coin.
* Tether is backed and supported by a recognised world currency.

What is a stable coin?

Stable coins are cryptocurrencies designed to go up or down in value far less frequently than their crypto counterparts.
They have a fixed price attached to them and, while other crypto coins are subject to bob and weave or rise and fall
according to the dictates of the market, the buying/selling price of Tether will remain set in stone.

What currency backs Tether?

Short answer? The United States Dollar is the one and only governing entity behind Tether (USDT).
There are other Tether network branch offs in the pipeline for Japan and certain countries in Europe
but nothing has landed fully and USDT is running in the lead (for the meantime anyway).

So, why the cross over between crypto and fiat?

What better way to grow the credibility of Tether to an all-time high than by aligning it with
one of the strongest currencies in the global economy today.
Instead of letting the coin fly through the ether unnoticed as an untested element of speculative investment
(having not been established to the extent of Bitcoin or Ethereum yet) the US economy has instead cemented
Tether as a real-world solution to liquidity and a means to be adopted as

* A legitimate mode of storage
* A reliable medium of exchange

The US Dollar backs every single USDT coin in circulation in the hopes of building a permanent bridge
between digital and fiat money. This, in turn, generates 3 real word gains for anyone adopting and using the coin.

What are the benefits of USDT?

1. Stability

Currently trading at $1 a coin, Tether pays homage to “what you see is what you get”.
Every time you log on to an exchange platform to buy more USDT, the rate will stay fixed and the value won’t
stand to plummet down because of changes in the market.

2. Transparency

One of the biggest benefits of USDT is the degree of straightforwardness it’s brought to the sometimes murky,
oftentimes confusing world of cryptocurrencies. And, let’s face it, a digital currency backed by the
United States government does a heck of a lot for the PR and adoption of crypto as a whole.
The company also shares full details of the existing coins in circulation with the public. So, yay us!

3. Security

Being a firm part of the famously grid tight Blockchain network, the USDT security protocol is up there with the best of them.
The company also adheres to stringent KYC/AML protocols, further solidifying its reputation as an above-board digital asset.

So, the above should have given you a small window into the interesting world of the USDT coin.
Now that you’ve got the basics, it’s time to get your hands on some of that crypto goodness.
As a first step, you’re going to need a wallet to store your assets.

Where do I store my USDT?

Below is our pick for a wallet to start you off with.
There are a variety of wallets on the market today and as you become more familiar with Tether, you can try them out for yourself.

Coinomi (desktop wallet)

This well-established crypto wallet has been around since 2014 and currently stores over 500 different crypto coins.
It’s quick to install and easy to set up. The wallet is available on Windows and Mac versions.

How do I buy USDT?

So, just how do you get your hands on some USDT?
Well, you’ll need to sign up to trusted crypto exchange and buy it from there.
Here is our pick for a cool exchange to start out with.

Binance (desktop wallet)

Arguably one of, if not the most established crypto exchanges in the world today.
Binance has been around since 2017 and trades over 200 altcoins as of today.
Here's how you get yourself set up on their exchange.

DISCLAIMER: There are no direct ways to purchase USDT straight.
You would first need to purchase Bitcoin from Coinbase (or a similar exchange) first.
Once you have a supply of Bitcoin then you’ll be able to move onto USDT.

We hope that the above has given you a small window into the world of USDT Tether.
Happy gaming from the team at Bitcasino.

Cheers ;)

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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — Will the Bitcoin price rise?

Wed May 06, 2020 10:54 am

Predict Bitcoin May.jpg
Hi guys!

What do you think, will the Bitcoin price rise before the Halving Day?

Make your prediction and get paid for the right answer :)

How to do that:

1. Wager at least 20 mBTC and get 1 vote
2. Use your vote for prediction
3. Earn up to 15 predictions per day
4. The closest prediction wins the main prize of 512 mBTC

PS. In addition to the main prize 100 closest predictions will get a surprise reward 8-)

Voting closes on May 12th.

Take a look at the leaderboard:

Happy guessing ;)


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — 3 cryptopreneurs to follow in 2020

Thu May 07, 2020 10:00 am

Hello everybody :)

The global adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrencies would never have been possible without notable people
who have been present since then and are influencing blockchain's future.

Get to know 3 cryptopreneurs
leading the charge in the adoption of cryptocurrency and the trends they foresee taking place in crypto 2020.

Want to know who they are?
Read on here:

Do you agree or do you have other cryptopreneurs you follow?


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — 5 things to consider before betting on slots

Fri May 08, 2020 2:45 pm

Hi there ;)

As you know, picking the perfect slot to play can be a dilemma.
From classic fruit slots to adventurous hunt-themed games, there are hundreds to choose from.
Should you try a high volatility slot or one that pays low but frequent wins?

Find your answer when you play for fun or in demo mode.
But why, you ask? Simple.
It saves you money.

So what should you consider when spinning the reels for free?

What to Look For in Demo Play

First, take a look at the information menu of a slot.
This will tell you how much each combination pays as well as the exclusive features.

Observe if the graphics, animation, and overall game design suit your taste. Spin the reels and see how the game progresses.

Check the features and bonus games offered.
Activate the Autoplay option if it’s offered and wait for the conditions to be met so you can play the bonus features available.

It’s imperative that you observe how volatile a slot is.
Take note of the hit frequency. How often do you land wins?
Are they mostly low-paying wins or do high-paying symbols land every now and then as well?

Some online casinos make it easier for you to pick a slot.
You can filter the slots based on RTP, volatility, and themes. Consider doing this when choosing which slot to test.
Narrowing down your search saves time as well.

If games with simple graphics and basic gameplay are your type, then GameArt slots may be for you.
Give Fortune Panda a try. If you prefer highly developed games with intricate design and immersive gameplay,
then PGSoft would astonish you. Get a taste of action in Dragon Legend.

It’s important to know where you’re putting your money.
Save copious amounts of credits and time when you play for fun first.

The slot’s gameplay, features, and design are some of the factors you should look at in demo play.
Consider these points before you play for real!

See you in Bitcasino :)


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — Predict the Bitcoin halving price

Mon May 11, 2020 1:56 pm

Predict Bitcoin May.jpg

Hi guys!

What do you think, will the Bitcoin price rise before the Halving Day?

Make your prediction and get paid for the right answer :)

How to do that:

1. Wager at least 20 mBTC and get 1 vote
2. Use your vote for prediction
3. Earn up to 15 predictions per day
4. The closest prediction wins the main prize of 512 mBTC

PS. In addition to the main prize 100 closest predictions will get a surprise reward 8-)

Voting closes on May 12th.

Take a look at the leaderboard:

Happy guessing ;)

Hi there :)

Just a quick reminder to make your Bitcoin halving price predictions.
Wager 20 mBTC = get 1 vote = make 1 prediction.

You can find the prediction here :arrow:

So, what do you think - will the price rise?


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — USDT = a guide to stablecoins

Tue May 12, 2020 2:46 pm

Hey! :)

Did you know that one of the most popular stablecoins used today is Tether (USDT)?

Before you dive into the world of Tether, you first need to know what a stablecoin is and how it works.

What are stablecoins?
These coins were initially designed to give more stability to crypto investments by pegging them with fiat currencies as a reserve asset.
Usually, stablecoins are ‘pegged’ after something with value; this can either be fiat money or another cryptocurrency.

Kinds of stablecoins

Below are the different types of stablecoins you can encounter in the crypto sphere today.

* Collateralised off-chain
One of the most well-known asset types, these are backed by fiat holdings and regulated/verified daily by outside auditors.
Collateralised off-chain has two types which are fiat-collateralised and commodity-collateralised stablecoins.
- Fiat-collateralised - These coins are backed by fiat currencies. Examples include Libra, Tether, and Gemini Dollar.
- Commodity-collateralised - Mostly pegged by everyday commodities like gold, oil, and silver.
An example of this is the Digix Gold or DGD.

* Collateralised on-chain
One of the easiest stablecoins to use is the collateralized on-chain. These coins are fixed by none other than cryptocurrencies.
Ethereum is the most popular backer for this type of stablecoin.

* Non-collateralised
These assets are neither backed by fiat nor crypto assets. To protect this stablecoin from fluctuations in the market,
it relies on an intricate set of algorithms and smart contracts.

Importance of stablecoins

* Lessens volatility
The purpose of stablecoins is to provide a fiat peg for the crypto assets that will give it stability while providing swift and cheap transactions.

* Useful for cross-border payments
Stablecoins are useful for sending cross-border payments and remittances. You can send money to other countries at a much faster and cheaper rate.

* Good for crypto-investment
If you’re investing in crypto and want to keep your coins safe from price fluctuations,
you can use stablecoins to ensure the value of your digital assets will hardly ever drop.

Different types of stablecoins

Just like fiat, there are various types of stablecoins available on the market today. Here are the top recommended variations.

Known as one of the most reliable and most-used stablecoins, TrueUSD earned its reputation from its fiat reserves.
Currently, there is a supply of $26,017,572 TRUSD in the market. Additionally, this coin is also popular among users because
of its updated transparency reports.

DAI runs on Ethereum. Unlike USDT and TrueUSD, DAI is backed up by a company called Maker platform.
One of the most notable features of this stablecoin is that it allows users to create and destroy the tokens.

Paxos Standard (PAX)
PAX is a regulated stablecoin developed by the Paxos Trust Company. Like USDT, PAX has a 1:1 ratio.
It’s back-up fiat assets are kept in FDIC-insured banks in the United States.
Additionally, Paxos is one of the most utilised coins, currently catering to t 40+ currencies.

What is Tether?

Tether (USDT) is one of the largest and most-utilised stablecoins in the market today.
With a whopping capitalisation of $4 million, Tether is ranked as the fourth-largest. Tether (USDT),
functions on a 1:1 ratio, meaning 1 United States dollar is equivalent to 1 Tether.

How does Tether work?

Tether functions as a hybrid cryptocurrency, catering to digital and fiat assets alike.
The creators of Tether wanted to give cryptocurrency more credibility in the market by providing stable assets that cannot
be easily affected by market fluctuations.

So, let’s say you have 20 dollars and you decide to store it into your Tether wallet.
Since the ratio for Tether to USDis 1:1, that same 20 dollars would instantly convert into 20 USDT.
The fiat currencies used by Tether to back up crypto funds are stored by Tether Limited.
This works by merging fiat currencies and blockchain to easily exchange cash into crypto assets.
Moreover, USDT is tied to various crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which can be converted into Tether.

The technology behind Tether

The transactions behind Tether are possible through an open-source platform called the OmniLayer.
To provide a decentralized gateway that goes through a peer-to-peer platform, Omni is layered on top of the Bitcoin blockchain technology.
By doing this, Tether can facilitate cheap, transparent, and swift transactions.
Additionally, the OmniLayer Platform can also handle smart contracts for coins like Ethereum.
In 2017, Tether collaborated with Ethfinex to create an Ethereum-based Tether, that is cheaper and faster with a clock time of 15-30 seconds.

The lifecycle of Tether

Here are the four steps in the funding flow lifecycle works in Tether.

1. Deposit your fiat currency into a Tether-based platform like Tether Limited bank account.
2. Once Tether Unlimited has confirmed your account, they will issue you with credits in USDT.
Since the ratio is 1:1, you’ll get the exact amount that you have spent in USDT.
3. Once funds are converted to USDT, you can spend them and store them in your crypto wallet.
4. When you want to convert back to fiat you can go ahead and do so.

If you want to make sure USDT is backed up with actual money, Tether Limited has provided a ‘proof of reserve’ their users
can access on their website or transparency page.

Where to purchase Tether?

USDT is available to purchase on most crypto exchange sites. Want to know where you can get hold of some Tether?
Here are the different digital asset exchanges that you can head over to:

As one of the leading crypto exchanges on the market, today, Binance offers reliable services as well as a wide range of to choose from.
Additionally, it has the most USDT exchanges. However, Binance has country restrictions, so first check if they offer services in your location.

If you’re a margin trader and you want to make sure you’ll gain from your assets, your best option is StormGain.
Many margin traders use StormGain because it has ludicrously low commission rates of 0.08%.

With an impressive volume and range of services, Kucoin will give you great margins on your USDT.
Additionally, it offers currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and KCS.

Run by highly-skilled developers, economists, and competitive traders, Bitmex is known in the crypto sphere for its
exceptional range of services and overall reliability.

Different kinds of Tether wallet

USDT should be stored in a safe and well-protected wallet.
Having a safe and secure wallet for Tether assets should be your priority if you want to use them for investments.

Since these coins will hold your crypto assets, finding a wallet is a must.
Luckily, there are various Tether wallets perfect for experienced and first-time investors alike.
Here are the best and most reliable Tether wallets on the market today.

Made for ETH crypto users, MyEtherWallet is one of the most popular and frequently used amongst Ethereum investors today.
This web browser wallet enables you to connect it to your chrome extension, making it easy to access.

OmiWallet’s security is top-notch due to its intricate algorithm blockchain technology.
The only drawback is that it’s not easy to navigate for beginners.

Tether Wallet
Tether has its own wallet users can access on their site.
However, this is not strongly recommended by experts due to security issues.
Some users still opt for the Tether wallet because it’s easy to use and navigate.

Listed as one of the most-recommended mobile wallets to store USDT on.
Whether you’re using Android or IOS, you can ensure that Coinomi works well with both systems.
Its security features don’t disappoint either. Designed with IP Anonymisation, Coinomi can protect your real IP address from hackers and phishers.

Exodus is a diverse wallet that accommodates Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Zcash.
This wallet is accessible to most gadgets including desktops. With its simple interface,
Exodus is the perfect wallet for beginners and experienced investors alike.

Ledger Nano S
Ledger is known for its sturdy and well-protected hard wallets. If you want to take extra precaution for your funds, Ledger Nano S is your best choice.
One of its best features is that you can keep your private key inside the wallet itself.
Moreover, if you want to send or receive funds, you can use a VPN protocol to protect your IP address.

Advantages of Tether
Tether has been proven and tested by many crypto investors.
Because of its advanced technology that can help control the volatility of digital assets, many investors are using it to secure their funds.

Here are some advantages of using USDT:

It’s backed up by a real-world currency value system.
This makes it more promising for investors because it can control the volatility of cryptocurrencies.
Moreover, it runs on the Bitcoin blockchain making it secure and swift.

Despite Tether being young in the market, many big companies and groups like Poloniex, Ambisafe, and Spaceshift back it up.
Another factor is its transparency. If you visit Tether’s website, you can see they have a page containing all the
information about the holdings of the company. You will see how many reserve assets they have in their bank.
Transferring funds from wallet-to-wallet is affordable. Additionally, funds travel in a matter of seconds.

What does the future hold for Tether?

The age of digital currency will continue to flourish and expand in the coming years.
This expansion will create more opportunities for USDT since investors need the security and assurance
of their assets from the changing tides in the market.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is easy, but maintaining and growing your assets in an unpredictable economy is difficult.
Before you dive into the crypto sphere, make sure you know how to face the rapid changes in the market
by learning how the technology works and how you can use it to its full potential.

Cheers ;)

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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Joined: Fri Mar 06, 2020 11:44 am — Crypto vs COVID-19 charity campaign results

Wed May 13, 2020 2:36 pm

Hey everybody ;)

I am happy to announce that the
20 BTC donation (approx 162,000 euros) is the result of Bitcasino’s Crypto vs COVID-19 charity campaign.

Huge thanks to all of you who donated your Loyalty Points.

But we won’t stop here. More charity programs are coming up pretty soon :!:

You can read about these in our blog post:


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