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How to make crypto-currencies completely anonymous-practically.

Fri Jan 03, 2020 2:09 pm

Some days to finance U.S. department of state and other structures of corrupted American democracy and their maraud allies, they committed monetary manipulations if not rogue fraud in several countries as Ukraine. Same dais it circulated huge quantity of fake German Marks, US Dollars, and other banknotes. It was really difficult to capture those who push fake money. Many people believed to each other who had regular conversations between of each other, but in most of other cases those who were paid with fake money were actually responsible for accepting fake notes, compensated with cynically sounding speeches of Bill Clinton, Gore, o'Lbrite. It was practiced some form of expertise.
If delegate a right for everyone in crypto-currency network to check out is his or her money fake not all together. It may make the crypto-currency to be more anonymous.
Publishing only opened part of a key of transaction resolving to confirm its fact to those who has the history of transaction in his or her database of just received note but not to everyone. To the everyone other except those who payed and received money everyone should be available only the fact each money unit was pushed or received, not clear to where. May be it is good idea, publish even the position in block-chain encrypted, with keys given only when it is passed and such key resolving to check out other records is it the position on block chain just of just received transaction, present elsewhere, in base of transations earlier. Just in this case it may be fragile to some DDoS attacks on network. An solution requires to solve math problem and to set seed of computer few orders higher.
But in any case thus would simplify mixing.

P.S. Yes I want my enemies to have a case without a handle. It already made U.S. administration to state about corruption around Yuschenko, Balcerowicz, Kuchma, Kwasniewski, Lazarenko, Tabachnik, ect., with their crazy demands. Crypto-currencies complicates control over their corruption schemes. The percentage of crypto-currencies is not so large, but to prevent its extension they use change rules with usual currencies, complicating their ugly deeds.

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Re: How to make crypto-currencies completely anonymous-practically.

Tue Aug 25, 2020 5:13 pm

Monero achieved this, no?
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