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Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:22 pm

Dear Forum, as Roger told me to post here in the forum to get help, here is my post :

We are coding a new file-sharing plattform and we want to integrate tokens as incentive filesharing on our plattform. I am looking to find the best way to issuing and operate tokens. Therefore i am looking for a reliable blockchain. Apart from Ethereum, the Wormhole project on the BCH Blockchain catches my attention and i am interessting to discover if wormhole can be a good tool to issue and manage our tokens.

Token Properties overview:

-It is not an ICO , we start by 0
-all Tokens have to be create by seeding files
- Users earn tokens in exchange for seeding files
- the creation of token works on basis of fixed periods ( 10Min )
- the collected data is being processed after each period and the seeder rewarded from the tokenbase ( reward algorythm )
-the total amount of tokens is capped
-the tokensupply is 1:1 like the coin-supply for bitcoin
maximum 21.000.000 tokens / reward halfs every 4 years / just like for Bitcoin

all transactions of tokens between USERs will be made on the BCH blockchain – fees would be in BCH.

I was on the website and

And downloaded a lot of information, but i am not a coder. And it seems impossible for me to calculate the costs.

I am a Entrepeneur and for me its very important that i can calculate the costs of the Token issuing process before starting coding and hiring devs on this or that blockchain.

My decision depends on the response of the following questions :

How can i calculate the costs of issuing all the tokens ( 21.000.000 tokens - on the same way as Bitcoin ) ???

How would be realized the transactions between Users, when they want to transfer the tokens between each other ?

I would like to work with BCH, i hope it is possible
please help

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Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: TOKENIZATION on BCH Blockchain

Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:47 am

IMHO, BitcoinCash is better then Ethereum for tokens. There is a lot of variants how to implement this , you may read more at . Also if you need help with development pm me .

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