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[ICO] Review of Vena Network’s ICO: Reach the Soft Cap in 2 Hours

Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:21 am

The ICO of Vena Network ended in November 15th. The public sale finally had raised nearly 4000ETH, which seems good in the bear market. Now let’s review on the ICO progress.

On November 5th, the ICO started at 20:00, UTC+8. As the public sale has been promoted in communities, once the ICO began, soon fans started to participate in the public sale. Just in 2 hours, the ICO had reached the soft cap, 1800ETH.


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The ICO last ten days, from November 5th to 15th. In the whole period, about 600 people participated in the ICO, and raised nearly 4000ETH.

During and after the ICO, participators also had series of questions. These representative questions may be useful to many people who are focusing on Vena Network, so let’s have a look at these questions.

Q: Is there any product for Vena? What is the value of Vena Token?
A: The product of Vena has been online, but there’s only the PC version at the time, version for mobile phone will be ready soon, you can visit to experience. Vena will promote financial products based on the collateral of bitcoin, with Vena Token, you can purchase product with a interest of 20%.

Q: What is the rate of Vena? Who are the investors?
A: Vena has a rate of 4.5 on ICObench, and the investors includes KuCoin、Digifinex, etc., to know more, visit

Q: Will Vena be on the exchange? When and which exchange?
A: The investors of Vena includes two exchanges, KuCoin and Digifinex, and KuCoin may be the first exchange of Vena. What’s more, there are more exchanges keeping in touch with Vena and Vena will be on more exchanges.

Q: What is the total amount of Vena Token? What is the distribution plan?
A: The total amount is one billion, and 30% is for sale, 30% is for the foundation, 15% is for incentive pool, 15% for the team and consults, and 10% for reserve.

Now the ICO has come to an end but Vena is still holding more activities such as the bounty and the lucky draw, and lots of Vena Token and prizes are waiting for you. To participate or know more, join our telegram group @vena_network.

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