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Starhelp SouthAfrica

Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:53 pm

I am investing in bitcoins which is the most widely accepted cryto-currency all over the world. doubt me? then google it and you would find out that in Dubai people buy phones and pay hotel bill with bitcoins, in London people buy electronics and pay for wedding rings with bitcoins....u may also want to try googling 'bitcoin accepted shoping malls

How do I invest in bitcoins.[/b]
Currently I am on a community of like minds- the starhelp community......
It is a truly global community platform for donations exchange. Bitcoin is used a medium of donation exchange, allowing participants from different parts of the world to participate and share with ease. The community boast of a unique Automatic Payment Confirmation system which is fully integrated with bitcoin blockchain.
With this platform I now earn every month a fixed bitcoin- dollar amount I invested in my first month.
i call this system my bitcoin salary payroll.
let me guide you on the 7 steps to become like me and 7 reasons why you must never afford to miss this opportunity to get paid monthly.

step 1.... get a bitcoin wallet to receive your monthly earnings.
open a bitcoin wallet where you can receive and transfer bitcoins.
Its free....go to and register to get a wallet in very easy steps that may require authentication from your email. so be sure to have an email open to quickly confirm your wallet.

step 2....purchase bitcoins worth the dollar equivalent you wish to invest
Remember the amount you invest is the same amount you get every 30 days (what i call your bitcoin monthly salary)
To buy bitcoins: you can buy from online platforms like or to get info or email me @

step 3 open an account on the starhelp community
after purchase of bitcoins, open an account or use my this referral
The process of opening an account is as very easy as opening any online account that needs email verification process.

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Re: Starhelp SouthAfrica

Fri Mar 24, 2017 12:02 pm

Our company, Bitcoin Global Investment Group has investments in Forex trading, Stocks, Real estate, Bonds, Security, Gold, Hybrid technology. we are expanding our investment to Africa, SOUTH AFRICA, our client will need authentic BITCOIN AGENT to convert their local currency to bitcoin for investment and vis a vis to convert their commission from bitcoin to their local currency. SEND A REQUEST LETTER TO:

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