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[For Hire] Will create python scripts (for btc, bch, eth, or paypal)

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Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:53 pm

I can create a python script for you that
  • Reads, Modifies, Creates csv, excel, or text files
  • Scrapes data from webpages
  • Connects to/Grabs data from an api
  • Has a simple GUI (If needed)
  • Repeats repetitive online tasks
  • Replies to comments on a subreddit (Simple Reddit Bot example:
  • And much more! If you don't see what you want/need on the list, just ask!
I accept btc, bch, eth, and paypal
Pricing depends on the job. I typically let buyers suggest the price (as long as it's reasonable).

I have a Good rating on credo360.

I have an SLRep post on Reddit

I've done plenty of Excel-related freelance over the last few years

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