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Moneybitclub scam - Fake BTC Exchange

Tue May 05, 2020 1:27 pm

Please do not entertain nor even try doing the instructions from this link (

It is a BTC exchange scam and I am one of the victim.

Their modus is to post ad on legitimate PTC sites that says "I have earned 0.035 BTC in just one day. FIRST INCOME AFTER 15 MINUTES". Most of the time, I saw the ad in the Shortlink Tasks of the PTC sites.

So where does the scam take place? It is in the #3 instruction in the page I mentioned above.

Coiniumtop is a bogus/scam site posing as a legitimate BTC to ETH exchange platform. once all the info has been entered in the main page and the BTC wallet address was given, it will not process the BTC you sent from your Blockchain account. The page will be stucked and stay on the status "Waiting for Payment" and the BTC lost to scammers.

I attached the usual ad they are using and the page where I get stucked as proof of the scam.

I am new to the cryptocurrency world and the experience might not be that good so far but I refuse to be a loser to this scammers and expose their wrongdoing.
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