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Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:27 am

There seems to be a larger scam effort, which I will refer to as "MBCH" , brewing around the abovementioned domains and including some more domains listed in the announcement at this URL: ... fees.2670/

The project / projects claim to be forking the Bitcoin Cash chain into a POS coin with increased scalability (the code does not bear out their claims on 8MB block sizes or SIGHASH_FORKID replay protection - first big signs of scam).

It has a Reddit presence through /u/MillionBitcoinCash, and a Facebook presence through .

The information linked in the FAQ at ... tions_faq/ is inconsistent with the information in the announcement post in critical ways. Dates are wrong / mismatching, feature claims do not add up when inspecting the code.

There is no source code for the released ABC / Classic binaries - the Github sources certainly are completely different (a fork of Novacoin) and not a fork of BitcoinABC or BitcoinClassic as the binary packages would suggest.

The Windows wallet package is flagged as containing a trojan by one of VirusTotal's checker.

The project is also using the logos of HitBTC, Bittrex, Blockchair Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin Classic - to name one's I easily spotted. Most likely these are all used deceptively since the exchange logos do not link to the actual exchanges.

There's a lot yet to be discovered, but I thought I have investigated and found sufficient red flags to declare this a scam.
If I had to guess, it's too poorly executed to make them any money. I doubt the claimed exchanges would list it, although this is to be confirmed.

That leaves me with the working hypothesis of a reputational attack on Bitcoin Cash and its implementations.

This should go without saying, but please use caution when visiting / running anything linked to from these domains. Access only through well isolated machine / VM.

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