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Iam writing this to create awareness about a new mining scam they promise 3 times more the amount of Bitcoins you send in 40 minutes. I believed them because of their "video testimonials" on Instagram. @bitcionrecap even saw a South African noluthando share her experience. These guys are the realist scammers I have ever met. They won't even convince you. They are smart and they know crypto currency inside out.You send your Bitcoins to there address you never get them back!!!there number and address below.16iUGLSyH4H83uCfJykCvVybWhHqN2b6P7. +1 (424) 365-5461. R38 000 down the drain!! I have proof they helped me open an account on Remitano!! Bitcoinrecap BITCOINRECAP. Our priority is your excitement. Is what they claim!! Careful they are really good.

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Donate BTC of your choice to 1F6TrJW1MgfR4S6WQGxyhfcBrJXaXQFG1T


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That really sucks man. ..... when something sounds too good to be true, it often is.

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