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Nickel Bitcoiner
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PagareX - New Crypto Lending Platform ICO Starts in 2 Days!

Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:52 pm

About PagareX

The arrival of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency brought many positive prospects
with it. Perhaps its main highlight was to allow investors to buy it and
earn interest as the value increased. However, it also brought one or two
problems along with it too. While it’s true to say that the advancement
of blockchain technology has been extraordinary over the years, there’
something of a drawback to it. Most will not provide a full package to
users, meaning that they need to pay out charges to several different
providers. This not only increases the cost for users, but it’s also not a
very efficient way for blockchain technology to operate.
However, the vision of PagareX is to provide an innovative and
decentralised cryptocurrency ecosystem. The idea is to give users
complete financial freedom and in the process, eliminate the need for
centralised banking or financial institutions. This is achievable due to it
being a peer-to-peer community, which will ensure that users can both
save and invest in a non-government controlled cryptocurrency. Anyone
who invests in this cryptocurrency and has such within their wallet will
earn interest and commissions on such. Therefore, users are able to
increase the value of their own PagareX coins as the price of such
increases. Cryptocurrencies provide a direct route towards financial
independence within themselves anyway. And utilising the PagareX
cryptocurrency aims to ensure that all of its users are able to connect with
one another.
Because of the fact that there is no need for centralised banking or
financial institutions, PagareX provides its users with a safe and secure
currency. Due to the lack of contact with such, users are free from the
possibility of identity theft or other similar problems in the fiat currency
world. This all adds to the safety and security of using this cryptocurrency.
How is this possible though? Because the users of such control the
overall flow of their finances, their data and everything that goes along
with the cryptocurrency. Financial institutions do not have a hand in
anything that occurs with a decentralised platform.

pagarex lending platform.png
pagarex ico rounds.png
pagarex lending rates.png
For more info visit:[/align]

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