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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Bitfinite coin SCAM OR LEGIT ? | ALL review

Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:22 pm


Bitfinite coin is a decentralized,self-regulated, peer-to-peer electronic Cryptocurrency based on the block chain technology created by complex mathematical computations and validated by millions of computer users for use in the Bitfinite Crypto community. Transactions are processed at high velocity providing gratification to coin users with fees almost nonexistent, while ensuring anonymity.
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The Bitfinite Crypto Community was developed to enable users to maximize the inherent benefits in the emerging world order of crypto currencies. It provides an all in one Ecosystem that ensures users of various persuasion engage in a program which will be beneficial to them leading to financial Independence.


The Bitfinite Coin, which is the Digital Currency for the crypto community will be used as the instrument for trade. Being a self-regulated community, Bitfinite coin activities will be determined by the interactions of the supply/ demand/distribution paths.

Our Bitfinite Bitcoin Price Trading and Volatility Software ensure member earn guaranteed ROI up to 45% monthly. Our Trading Bot Measures the statistical dispersion of returns for Bitcoin trading index and aims to ensure investors are provided with healthy ROI consistently.
Our Lending Software also comes with an innovative process, that gives investors more control over their investment and provides much needed flexibility.

A feature of our lending platform that provides investors with the abilityto terminate their investment and receive principal amount before the maturity date subject to exceeding the LENDING LOCK PERIOD as shown in the Lending Table.

Our Affiliate System detailed in the table below, rewards users for promotional activities which earn referrals and assist with the continued propagation of the community.

By staking your Bitfinite Coins, your computer becomes a dynamic node on the grid, processing and transmitting connections. It not only earns you extra Bitfinite Coins at an APR of 8%, it also reinforces our grid and security. Staking requires the coins to be held in your desktop QT wallet. This inspires people to take ownership of their finances rather than leaving their private keys in the hands of third party service STAKING RULES: Minimum Coin staking age is 24hrs. Coins must be held in your QT wallet and coin age resets anytime coins are sent to another address. Once QT wallet is unlocked and staking resumes, it continues staking automatically until your wallet is unlocked.

• The Bitfinite QT wallet is installed on your computer.
• Send Bitfinite coins from Website to QT wallet
• Ensure you encrypt your wallet and make sure to
remember your password.
• Unlock your wallet for staking only, enter your password and observe the green arrow at the bottom.
By using this feature, which allows you to reserve a part of your Bitfinite coins in the staking wallet, the flexibility of spending the reserved coins is enabled while the balance continues staking.
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Bitfinite Coins, after the ICO will be traded on our internal exchange, we will also list BFC on these External exchanges
(Coinexchange, Livecoin, Cryptopia and Yobit) gradually. To ensure liquidity, Price stability and Price appreciation, we have designed and will develop Market Making algorithms deployed and managed by out AI BOT trading software. This will ensure that massive price fluctuations are minimized and provide a core for steady price increase. The Bitfinite Global anonymous blockchain Lottery with direct disbursements will aim to become the most popular and transparent blockchain based lottery.

We intend to build a favourable, fair and decentralized and transparent lottery platform. Part of the funds raised from the crowd sale of Bitfinite coins will be used to fund this project.

Our Bitfinite Market Place will link retailers and clients in an exceptional way. Our Prime Objective will be to remove= mediators that severely hinder the ability of retailers to attract new customers. The platform will also help to encourage the business resourcefulness. The platform will provide users (clients) with the ability earn passive income through offer sharing, referrals and app usage.

The Bitfinite Market Place functions by offering promoters and retailers capability to launch their promotions, proposals, and contracts through the platform’s application using Bitfinite coins. Users will be able to discover attractive offers on a geolocation based module and on a filtered basis and easily claim them. Users will also earn referral income for referring their friends and followers to the Bitfinite market place and retailers with discounts, promotions, gifts, and awesome rewards.

Our Initial Coin Offering will help fund our Research and Development activities, engage in marketing campaigns that aim to make and increase our brand awareness and acceptance. The Immediate and long-term benefits of buying during the Crowd Sale includes short term gains of rapid price appreciation and long-term goal of wealth creation, and value addition to the holders.

Our ICO will Commence on the 18th December, 2017.

• Earn referral income in BTC, and decide to withdraw or purchase Bitfinite coins.
• Earn Bonuses up to 15% from coin purchase during the ICO.
• Earn bonuses from Participating in our Bounty program (Detailed on Bitcointalk)


ROAD MAP (Contd.)
• It’s our belief that the bitfinite crypto community will provide value and wealth generation/storage for holders of its digital currency the bitfinite coin.
• Our team is committed to ensuring that the project is developed along the road map shown with minimal deviation
• We aim to be proactive and take decisions that will ensure that investor ROI is maximized in the short term and sustained in the long term.
• We also aim to open and increase physical regional offices to ensure efficient management of our bitfinite market place.
• Providing updated information timely and efficiently will ensure members are kept in the know of community activities. Please do ensure you subscribe/follow our media channels.
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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Bitfinite coin SCAM OR LEGIT ? | ALL review

Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:58 pm

Compare Bitfinite to other Crypto Lending Platforms at

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