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IE Option is a platform offers highest liquidity on the market, doesn’t have KYC requirements and grants new members with valuable bonuses. By making price predictions, investors can make up to 91% of profits. For crypto trading, it's easy and intelligible for anyone: from absolute beginners to experienced traders.

Options Trading: Introducing Modern and Simple Crypto Trading

On IE Option investors can trade options: financial trades which require making correct future price predictions. Actually, all it need is just to say whether future price of the asset will grow or decrease in a certain period of time. By opening option, we just have to choose between two types of options, that’s the reason why this type of trading is very simple.

There are 2 types of options: put option and call option. By opening put option we predict that the price of the asset will be lower then current price, and in case of a call option we predict that the price of the underlying asset will be higher than current price.

On IE Option, successful prediction leads to 81-91% of profits (exact percentage depends on current market situation), but the losses are calculated the same way.

Thus, by making right price prediction (not even the exact number, we just need to say if it’ll be higher or lower) traders can almost double the original investment in literally minutes.

All the options has variable expiration time which is between 60 seconds and 30 days: the results of your trade can be available just in 1 minute.

Bonuses available on IE Option:

Little surprise for you!100% Deposit Bonus, up to 10 Bitcoins

On IE Option, all the users are eligible to obtain 100% deposit bonus: all you need is to make a deposit which is larger than 0.001 BTC, and your deposit amount will be doubled for free. The maximum amount of funds to receive bonus is 10 Bitcoins.

Visit IE Option: ieoption/com

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