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e Currency Exchange, Crypto Currency Exchange

Sat Sep 30, 2017 5:31 am

I've got a Script [with an Idea] that Can be Used by the Community /*copy&pasted

I'm the owner of Internet-Currency-Exchange-Script /* which Could be placed Under CryptoCurrencies */

The Last, has got Every+Mechanism implemented that Exchanges Currencies /* Automatically, with n0-Human Intervention %/
It's Enough to pin it Under a bank-page /* wallet */ where the Exchange would take place /* _required is to write 20-100 lines to 1 file & it's _Everything [something that Can be Ordered from an External-programmer for a penny-cost

It's a Social-site of CurrencyExchange which Can be Used also as CurrencyExchange [[skipping the Exchanges between Users

It's an _Entirely Complete Script [Website

Site Offers Exchange of Currencies _/ BETWEEN THE USERS /+ &/ or on the website -> skipping fees of the banks due to Savings on Commission /* that is Usually of 2-3% of the Exchange

You Can Charge 0.2-1.5% on .EveryTransaction
// For Instance there are 2 people, where one of them has got 50,000 EUR and >Required to Exchange it to Dollars [USD
Exchange is Made with 0-spread [fee] .Between the-Users who have got OpposingCurrencies [or You-Are the CurrencyExchange on your own [skipping User-Exchanges {Where They've got [& You-Also] the-Option: to _Establish your VeryOwn Rate of Exchange]

[As a Curiosity: polish[Internet]-Currency-Echange has Exchanged 1 BILLION in the span of first 2-years from launch: +EARNING 20 MILLION of pure-profit

/ Cost of suchScript [CompleteWebsite] as sold: oscillates in a bracket of min. 5,000 EUR if Ordered from a Company with n0-tax/ or taken from a Single-Individual -> perhaps 11,500 EUR if Ordered from a Professional-Firm

It's Still the-Best Offer on the Market
/ I'm Selling a copy for:

/* Text-files are Stored in Separate-files so it's Moments of time to Make those translations to English [or Any-Language _required

Contact me via e-mail: andypsv () gmail com
Or Use Facebook page: [send an Invitation first to Make sure the message would go-through/
+48 570 425 996

/// I'd Tie this-Business Immediately with the purchase of CryptoCurrency for Dollars, Euro, etc. [so It's x2 or ExtraProfit

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Re: e Currency Exchange, Crypto Currency Exchange

Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:34 am

Regarding script/

It's on a free server so You must wait till it loads. After purchase there is n0-problem at all.

750 EUR for a copy.

Website must be connected to a wallet.

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