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Coin Pal - #1 Crypto Tracker

Mon Jun 08, 2020 8:16 pm

What is Coin Pal?

Coin Pal is a free IOS app that allows you to track your portfolio and the entire crypto market right from your fingertips. Simply input the public addresses for any of the 100+ supported coins that you hold (or enter a balance manually) and watch your portfolio grow over time!

Why is Coin Pal better than Blockfolio or other trackers?

1. You probably check your portfolio multiple times every day, so you need something fast. Unlike other apps, Coin Pal loads instantly, you don't have to wait for the app to load every time you want to check the price of your portfolio. I can promise you it will take less than half a second for all of your coins to load

2. Coin Pal is incredibly simple. You probably don't need access to every trading indicator ever created in a portfolio tracker. Unlike block folio or other trackers, a baby could use this app. Coin Pal has an extremely simple and easy to navigate UI, but that doesn't mean that it's not capable of being the best tracker you will ever use.

3. You can refresh at any time. We know that crypto markets are volatile and huge swings can happen in a matter of seconds, that's why with Coin Pal, you can refresh the prices and your portfolio at any time with no delay or buffer in between. Other trackers only let you refresh every few minutes or so and don't give real-time data.

4. Dark mode... enough said

Here's a link if you want to download it now and make your crypto experience that much better!

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