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Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:49 pm

Bonus Campaign 50%:

Hello Cloakers & Forex Traders,

have you already heard of CloakFX?
CloakFX enables you to trade Forex trading pairs using
CloakCoin or Bitcoin with up to 200x leverage!

We want to celebrate our successful launch last year through our unique and limited February Bonus campaign.

Deposit $15 or up to $1000 ≈ CLOAK or BTC and get 50% Bonus on your USDC balance. All deposits made in February are qualified for the Bonus campaign!


About CloakFX:

CloakFX is a foreign exchange (ForEx) platform that uses the CloakCoin privacy-centric cryptocurrency as the main medium of exchange. It is a user-friendly platform that favors usability and allows users to follow other successful traders by imitating their orders. Deposits and withdrawals are made with CloakCoin or Bitcoin. The platform uses USDC (a Stablecoin that pegs to the USD) values for pricing and outcomes. During deposits and withdrawals, CloakCoin amounts are converted to USDC.

Website: CLoakFX. com
Twitter: cloakfx_trading

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