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The plan of Bitcoin

Fri Apr 07, 2017 5:56 pm

The plan of Bitcoin
I have been worrying about China's democratic reforms in 2008. The father of the technology of Bitcoin found me online. He told me his cryptography and computer software. I said I had an idea to bypass greedy financial institutions and stupid evil government - especially the Chinese government.But, I am not sure whether human beings have such authoritative technology. Even you are very confident to introduce me to your technology today, I am still skeptical. Then we discussed the development plan for Bitcoin:

Part I: Bitcoin
1, Bitcores have to go through rigorous testing for a long time and are accepted by the market in this process - giving the real value of Bitcoin!
As a time reference, I am 23 to 32 years old. Because I still have some things to do in China. If I can succeed in China, China will become a democratic country and will fully support the development of Bitcoin in the name of the country.
Even I failed in China, I was able to show my ability and value in China, and after I left China, I could prove to the world that we were right.
2, security issues; - money can make people crazy!
I do not know your name and any information. You do not need to know my name and information, but you will know who I am. (In fact, I remember some information).
In the future, we only meet by an agreed way. Use the agreed password to confirm each other's identity.
In the course of the test, the danger will come mainly from hackers, and those who want to master bitcoin control (such as the crazy Chinese government and their children) - reality is true, and now they want to control the bit coins, or even me!
3, in the process of testing, in order to maximize the control process may occur during the imbalance problem. Another father of bitcoin need to do some work.
Such as: the establishment of large mines - master the advantages of computer computing power; with other large mining competition to dig the first batch of 21 million bitcoins;
The establishment of trading platforms, banks and other facilities and media companies - to conduct social operations testing; public opinion control and publicity;
Rely on Bitcoin World Level - collect talent resources; prepare for future management committee ...
The second part, I plan in China:
Just to continue to build a variety of works for China (which is why another bit of the father of the currency came to me to discuss his technology, because at that time I have created some works for China, and get a lot of people recognized)
Summary: My plan in China is to promote China's democratic reform, let China become a democratic country, get rid of the foolish rule of the Chinese Communist Party.

But unfortunately it failed. The Chinese Communist Party and their children are stupid, evil, greedy!
Chinese New Year party 2015, most of my creation. But for various reasons, since 2008, most of the works have been replaced by other people's name.
2015 Chinese literary and art circles believe that through a variety of ways to invite me the time is ripe.
For example, China's CCTV3 TV channel has broadcast some programs, one of the programs, a little girl singing half, suddenly stopped and asked: "Who are you?
They never knew my name and information, 2008 to 2015. At the same time no one can count how many works I created. I am also countless.
Until the famous CCTV host "Bifu Jianying Mao Zedong incident" I in order to share his responsibility, take the initiative to admit, than Fujian Mao Zedong's words is actually what I said to him. And on the network to disclose their names and information.
Then the Chinese did not have any formal invitation to me and the democratic reform of the country. Won the Chinese national leader Xi Jinping's sentence - "adhere to the Chinese Communist Party rule"!
I admit - I overestimate the wisdom and morality of the Chinese government! I used to treat them as human!
I admit that- my plan in China has failed!
Then I said publicly that I would leave China!
They are of course to destroy almost all of the network records and traces.
But they did not hurt me.
I think they destroy the evidence so that I can not prove myself to others, do not get any help and support, and finally give up their dignity, and then return to work in China for them! - I'd rather choose to go to hell and accept the eternal punishment!
Fortunately, I kept some evidence (or the plan I prepared for failure):
About the work: 1) 《三个和尚》(three monks):
This is some of my early work (song for this show). In this picture you can see the last four letters ,they are the evidence about that time and situation. CAO it is Chinese phonetic letters, but in English it means “fuck”. So nobody wants to use this name. At that time I thought about Chinese society. There was no rule of law and corruption is rife. So I knew I had to do that…. The possibility of failure.

2)《拉住妈妈的手》(Hold the mother's hand)
This is the same song, it was used CCTV New Year's Gala which called 《拉住妈妈的手》.
This song was sang by the same singer, in the show this song was annotated. Songwriter: Bing Xin, set words to music: Yang Yi Bo, sing in a performance: Liu He Gang. But on the MP3, DVD players you can see : write lyrics: Xiao Qin, compose music: Xi Zi.

Okay, the thing about me is not the subject, just hope to support today's theme.
The third part, I left China after the plan - Bitcoin plan!
1, I would like to get a country to help and support, to accept the media interview, standing in front of the world;
Because this can not only guarantee security
More importantly, not just Bitcoin, I also intend to put some projects in this country. For example, a school - I will use this school to bloom the light of human civilization, the light of wisdom, the light of truth, the light of civilization!
At the same time, I want to test the wisdom and virtue of the governments of the world nowadays.
The results - seem to have failed, I always too high to estimate the wisdom and virtue of mankind!
2, I can only through the United Nations and other non-state organizations, or private help and support to reach and another father of bitcoin get in touch with our agreed way and method..
3, by the way, those who want to issue their own digital currency of the individual - I never worry about them!

Because - finally I want to say:
1, please believe me, i never used any bit coins, i never downloaded the mining process;
Another bit of the coin's father, running the test program, never for any use of any coins. - he is so guaranteed to me!
2, until today, I and another father of bitcoin do everything for Bittone's success.
In order to promote the development and progress of human society!
Another father of bitcoin master of all the advantages of resources, but also for the success of Bitcoin. In the future, we will all the rights and resources will be returned to all mankind!
- because, Bitcoin belongs to all mankind, belongs to everyone!
3, I have been hoping to see the wisdom and virtues of governments, and now I will contact the United Nations organizations directly for their help and support.

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Ye Zhendong
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Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: The plan of Bitcoin

Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:17 pm

Some people can not wait, I can understand.
But not my fault, I do not want to waste time. This is because your government is too stupid and arrogant. Democracy, how do you make your stupid arrogant people manage your country?

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Ye Zhendong
Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: The plan of Bitcoin

Sun Apr 09, 2017 12:45 pm

兵心——Meaning - the hearts of soldiers。
The only name that has not been replaced.

I will not sue the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party, or the Chinese official second generation;
Because I know that this may happen, but I will still do that.

I support democracy and respect for women! While opposing excessive religion. Let you wait so long and want to make you understand - you can pray to God, Allah, and the Buddha, let God, Allah, or the Buddha give you more Bitcoin!

I have a magical experience. I believe that there must be a God, Allah, or Buddha in this world!
But I do not believe they will issue more Bitcoins for you!

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